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13 Real People Explain Why They Use CBD Oil For Anxiety by Miss Marijuana

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By: Alexis Ortiz

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Source: 13 Real People Explain Why They Use CBD Oil For Anxiety | Miss Marijuana

This article by Alexis Ortiz was originally published on Miss Marijuana and is being featured on our site for The Burgundy Zine’s fourth issue about cannabis

CBD oil. Does it help with Anxiety?

Anxiety is usually treated with pharmaceuticals, which can cause a number of side effects. Medications like benzodiazepines that are prescribed for anxiety, can be addictive and may lead to substance abuse.

CBD oil has shown promise as a treatment for anxiety, leading many who live with the condition to turn to this natural approach.

What is CBD oil? 

CBD is one of many compounds, known as cannabinoids, in the cannabis plant. CBD oils contain concentrations of CBD.

CBD and Anxiety

According to a review from Neurotherapeutics, CBD may reduce anxiety-related behaviors.

We took to Reddit to see what real people had to say about their experiences with using CBD oil for anxiety.

CBD to Achieve

“I have Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD), but I have trouble telling folks about it because I also went to college, now grad school, started a business, and am working on a book. Not to toot my own horn, but these are things that have been done despite my anxiety.

CBD has been miraculous. I take 3 to 5 drops of 5-percent in the morning and early evening (before dinner).

After a few days, it built up in my system and its great. Some days are more effective than others, and some days I’m more anxious than others. But overall, it’s a great natural solution. I also use cannabis, but the CBD is my daily approach for management.”

CBD to Socialize

“I feel calm and at ease, even in social situations.”

CBD to Make Everything Feel Better

“THC was making my anxiety significantly worse, especially when I took too much. CBD makes everything better for me, and I plan to remove THC from my regimen as soon as I run out.”

CBD Feels Safe

“I have used weed in the past to cope with anxiety, and finally gave up cannabis with the help of CBD. I used both together for a while and finally stopped using cannabis completely about six weeks ago. It feels like so long ago now and I feel very good. I would not be so concerned about your CBD dosage.

My experience is that now that I know my body likes CBD, I have as much as I want. I know that if I have more than I need it will make me sleepy and I’ll have a good nap. I feel very safe using it and am not concerned about having too much.”

CBD to Stay Sane

“I love my CBD.

I was diagnosed with CPTSD 2 years ago and my doctors immediately put me on klonopin, lexapro, trazodone, and other drugs. I spent a year trying to get a healthy routine. I ended up coming off of everything six months ago and have been using solely CBD.

I owe my sanity to CBD and I would highly recommend it to anyone.”

CBD for Self Discovery

“I was in a group the first time I took CBD. I was talking and laughing and had the thought, ‘Oh so it is possible! I feel ‘normal’!’ It was like I had to rediscover who I was without the anxiety.

I’m still reserved and an introvert, but I had always thought of myself as ‘the anxious one’ in a group. Now I feel like I can fully contribute and had to find my place in it.

It was weird, but so rewarding.”

CBD to Ward Off Negative Thoughts

“Yes, it can help you get rid of the worst of it.

For me, CBD helps keep the most irrational thoughts at bay. I think of it as anxiety being loud static TV and CBD as turning down the volume on it.

You should really give it a try!”

CBD for Self Acceptance

“I am who I choose to be, social anxiety is something that happens to me, but it is not who I am.

Who I am after taking CBD is who I want to be, and if it’s not, I continue working towards who I want to be.”

CBD to Take the Edge Off

“I still have bad anxiety days, but CBD takes the edge off. I definitely have less speech-related anxiety when I use it.”

CBD to Feel at Peace

“This is the main reason I started taking CBD. I also had a lot of anger that was directly related to my anxiety.

I am far more productive and at peace now that I am taking CBD!”

CBD to Feel Normal

“Personally, I would say CBD makes me feel like a normal human being.

When I was on benzodiazepines they would calm me, but it felt like being drugged. Half the time I would forget stuff that happened 5 minutes ago. It’s hard to be anxious if you can’t remember anything. The worst part was a day after taking benzos all the anxiety comes back, but worse, like it was water held back by a dam.

My normal is a head full of noise; constant thinking and over thinking. I thought everyone was like this for most of my life, only when I started having panic attacks did I realize it’s not normal.”

CBD to Reclaim Life

“I just started taking a 1:1 oil, and honestly never heard of it until a friend gave me some last week. Three drops and all the noise in my head goes away.

I just feel calm and normal, which for me is amazing.

It is subtle, but real. I’ve all of a sudden no problem leaving my room and talking to people. I might even try and go on a date.

It’s like I got my life back. I was very skeptical of it too… This stuff works and it surprised me.”

CBD oil effectiveness varies from person to person, but has enormous therapeutic potential. If it is something you are open to, try a small dose and go from there.

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