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Year: 2020

Pi Day? More Like, Vihart Day

It’s that time of the year again, bug buddies. “Mathemusician” and anti-Pi enthusiast YouTuber Vihart has returned with another one of her infamous “Anti-Pi Rant” videos.

This year, Vihart dives into various scenarios in which Pi itself contracts the coronavirus and spreads it exponentially to humans, other numbers, and of course, aliens.

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Free Telemedicine Platform to Combat COVID-19 by Bluestream Health

In response to the growing outbreak of COVID-19 across the nation and globe, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has recommended various measures to reduce unnecessary health care visits and prevent transmission.

Virtual care figures prominently in these recommendations, and telemedicine provider Bluestream Health has stepped up to provide its solution to caregivers free of charge.

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High Fructose Corn Syrup in the Impossible Game of Hide-n-Seek

High fructose corn syrup is like glitter – it’s everywhere.

Just when you think you’ve finally eliminated it by cutting soda, candies, jams, and jellies out of your life, HFCS rears its head into your favorite soups and condiments.

So, what is HFCS? Where the hell does it come from? Why do some believe it’s “bad for you” and what should you do if you can’t digest fructose?

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Find Yourself by TiayraV

TiayraV of Fucktional Introvert warms our hearts with a reminder to love ourselves.

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Review: Conscious by Annaka Harris

Using neuroscience, psychology, and philosophy as her compass, Annaka Harris guides the reader through the mystery of consciousness in “Conscious: A Brief Guide to the Fundamental Mystery of the Mind.”

Keeping the journey short, sweet, and digestible, Harris manages to present the big question in just a little over 100 pages – an impressive feat, considering the debate has spanned over multiple centuries.

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Tune-In Tuesdays #60: Neverman Singer Matt McGown on “the War Within Themselves”

Deeply personable and incomparably energetic, Neverman intrigues their listeners through their candid lyricism on wading through rough times only to emerge from them stronger and more resilient.

Following the release of their latest EP, “It’s Not a Prison, It’s a Prism,” we spoke to Neverman frontman Matt McGown to learn more about his personal connection with music and the band’s big goals for this year.

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Love Thy Doctor: Recent Statistics Say Otherwise

Do you love your doctor, the health care specialist who you’re supposed to entrust with your life and wellbeing?

If you don’t, you’re not alone. A recent Vanguard Communications study shows that doctors are 72 percent more likely to receive a one-star review than lawyers.

Yet, most of the online-complaints against doctors aren’t about the physicians themselves, rather, the practice they work in. But the blame still tends to fall on the doctor.

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Weekly Newsletter #63: Caffeine Fiends

All the caffeine in the world won’t make our schedules any more legible.

Fun fact: Daylight savings began as we were writing this article and for a split second we thought we had gulped down enough tea to make the entire hour fly by.

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