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Year: 2020

Bug’s Philosophy: Attitudes Towards the Media

While reading a research paper on attitudes towards climate change in California during the 2012 to 2016 drought period, I can’t help but find myself struck by how the perception of the media is so conflicting across various communities – and how I, a patron of many different communities, find myself in the unspoken valley that lies at the foot of their rivaling precipices.

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Touring the Science Behind Cuseum’s AR “Museum From Home”

Social distancing has stripped us of our face-to-face interactions and recreational forms of cultural enrichment. As we’re all adjusting to the new norm, we’ve had to find alternative sources to fill this void of extracurricular education.

In lieu of visiting a museum, you may be scrolling through photos of the last time you visited the Renwick Gallery or Philadelphia Museum of Art, wishing their were a more hands-on way to relive the experiences.

Consider your wish granted. Cuseum has recently announced the release of their augmented reality technology that allows users to engage with famous artwork and virtually display it in their own humble abode.

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Better App Co-Founder John Halker on Emotional Wellness and Psych Education

How much do you value your physical health? Alright. Now, how much do you value your mental health? Take a moment to truly reflect on that – perhaps you prioritize one over the other.

And it’s not your fault. For decades, “mental health” simply wasn’t a facet of our vocabulary.

“When I was a kid, nobody ever mentioned mental health,” said psychotherapist and ‘Better App’ co-founder John Halker. “It was just not on the agenda.”

Attitudes towards mental health have shifted in recent years, with a 2019 American Psychological Association survey reporting 87 percent of American adults said: “a mental health disorder is nothing to be ashamed of.”

However, mental health is more than just a buzz word – it’s intertwined with your overall health. An emotional wound demands your attention, just as a physical wound does.

Recently, we spoke to Halker via video call for a very insightful discussion about the “Better App” and “Better Stop Suicide App,” groundbreaking mental health apps designed to guide you in fostering a proactive approach to your emotional wellbeing.

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Tune-In Tuesdays #68: Raye Zaragoza on “Fight Like a Girl”

Standing at “the forefront of her own narrative” and inspiring women around the globe, indie-folk artist Raye Zaragoza has continued to empower her audience with the release of her latest single, “Fight Like a Girl.”

Recently, we spoke to Zaragoza via email to learn more about her work as a musician, her values as an activist, and her latest single.

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Nature by Priti

Poet Priti encourages environmental awareness through her poem, “Nature.”

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Weekly Newsletter #71: Kicking Off a New Journey

For those who might’ve missed our announcement on Thursday, The Burgundy Zine is launching a Kickstarter this month to fund our upcoming merch store!

We’re so excited to KICK off this next part of our journey and feel honored to take these first steps with you.

Before we get too sentimental, let’s jump into our weekly recap.

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