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5 Books to Read This Valentine’s Day by Deanna Jackson

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By: Deanna Jackson

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Source: 5 Books To Read This Valentines Day! | Deanna Jackson

Deanna Jackson The Wacky Writer gives us five great books to put us in the mood for Valentine’s Day.

Confession time! I love Valentine’s Day! Some people may think it is just a “Hallmark Holiday,” which is fine. But I love Hallmark (DUH!), my hubbie, and I ABSOLUTELY celebrate Valentine’s Day!

Other than my book review reading, I always tend to read books that are set around whatever holiday is coming up. I have no idea why. As we all know, I’m a bit wacky.

So, through the years I have read quite a few books set around Valentine’s Day. And, BIG SURPRISE HERE! Not all of them are Romance novels. Okay. Most have elements of romance, but it’s Valentine’s Day!

Check out some of my recommendations below.

The Valentine’s Day Mystery

I started reading this one and it’s a super cute, cozy mystery! Not Hallmark but perfect for any Hallmarkie! (FREE ON KINDLE UNLIMITED)

The Saint Valentine’s Day Murder

Interesting plot and lots of twists! Published in the late ’80s, this novel can be read as a standalone but it’s the second book in a series. Some characters were already introduced in the first novel.

Worst Valentine’s Day Ever

This is a romance anthology, which features around 10 authors. I’ll be honest and say I only read a few of the stories, but they’re pretty good. (FREE ON KINDLE UNLIMITED)

The Ghost of Valentine Past

This is for all you Paranormal Romance readers. It’s book seven of the Haunting Danielle series (which is a wonderful series in general), but this one can be read as a standalone.

Happy Valentine’s Day, Charlie Brown

I had to throw this one in because Charlie Brown books are classic, in my opinion. All of them are fun books to read with your children.

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