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A Burgundy Announcement: Scheduling Updates for the Week of Aug 26

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By: burgundy bug

A screen capture of Spongebob from the episode “No Weenies Allowed” Season 3, Episode 48

Source: Spongebob | Nickelodeon

“I’ll have you know I caught the flu last weekend and I only stayed in bed for five days!”

Spongebob attempts to enter the Salty Spitoon

Source: Spongebob Squarepants – I Only Cried For 20 Minutes | AreaEightyNine

Hey there bug buddies,

Due to unforeseen circumstances (I’ve been sick), this week’s installments of our Strain of the Week and Tune-In Tuesdays series have been delayed.

As it currently stands, “The Burgundy Zine #8: Reflections” is still slated for release this evening. Another announcement will be made before midnight if the publication has to be pushed back, as well.

For those of you who keep up with our monthly highlights over on Penelope Peru Photography, we still plan on publishing the recap along with our “Songs of the Month” sometime between Aug 31 and Sept 2.

We apologize for the delay and will release installments of our Strain of the Week and Tune-In Tuesdays series before this week draws to a close. Right now, our main focus is releasing the magazine on time.

We are incredibly excited about “The Burgundy Zine #8: Reflections,” which features personal stories, advice, interviews, and a continuation of our “Music Spotlight” from last month.

In the meantime, here’s a comic that’ll be featured in this issue that gives you a glimpse into what’s been happening behind the scenes of The Burgundy Zine since Saturday.

Hatmask nurses Hat$tackz back to health

Source: #Goals Comic | Penelope Peru Photography

Thank you for your patience and understanding – and remember, bug buddies, NEVER go to a “PLEASE TOUCH” museum exhibit without bringing hand sanitizer.

Yours truly,

burgundy bug >:^)

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