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A Call For Help… For We, to Us by Mahik’s

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By: Mahik’s

“Pick up the phone and make something happen!”

Source: A Call For Help… For We, to Us | Mahik’s

Mahik’s delights us with a deep, endearing, and thought provoking poem

I have got so much to speak to you,
Problems I face and the fun I do,
But dunno where to start and end,
Who to meet and where to wend

To you I’m a fellow unknown,
But still you hear me, I know,
And I thank you for that you pay attention,
But to change yourself is never your intention,

You know my most poems show today’s truth,
The problems and confusions within the youth,
You read my words and think deep,
Wish to change a bit but then you sleep,

The next morning you forget me,
My words, my concerns, my poetry,
I know you feel the same what I write,
Cause I am one of you and I don’t let anyone be blind,

My words are not new or fiction,
Of wrong or right, It’s my confession,
Which you all know but don’t react,
You should too admit but you step back,

I dare you all if you start right this sec,
Step ahead and move out from the desk,
Bring a change in whatever is flawed,
Not for me, but for the Lord,

Yeah, poetry is my hobby, my passion and love,
But I don’t just write to impress, but above,
That I am a dreamy human who dreams of a paradise world,
So I try to change the globe through touching hearts by words,

But if you just read, think, forget and move on,
Then with generations it’ll pass on,
The mistakes will not change, and everyone will suffer,
All will need a revolution but they behave like duffers,

They’ll yell inside to make things right,
But now and then, no one will spill the guts to fight,
Then one day,
Everything will vanish away,

Look at that, if you ignore just a tiny thing,
What can happen, the world can sink,
Forget my poems, read anything that motivates,
But I beg, please don’t stay and wait,

Make an effort to make sure,
That what you regret should not the kids anymore,
What you suffer, what gives you pain,
Change the whole damn thing!

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Living in Moradabad, a city of North India famous for its handicraft industries and export of handicraft items all over the world, Mahika Bansal is a teen poet with enormous dreams just like all other growing buds of her age. As an artist, Mahika tries to compose poetry that speaks about the beauty of the world as well as the dark side of life. She is a creator of ideas, floating in the sparkling sea of imagination.

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