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The Burgundy Zine is looking for creative, dedicated individuals to join our team. Whether you’re a writer, artist, photographer, or model, our digital magazine has a place for you to showcase your hard work to a global audience.

Joining our team will guarantee your work will be featured on our blog and in our digital magazine on a regular basis. Additionally, you will be added to our about page with a title, photo (it can be a graphic or an image), and a bio.

If you think you’ve got what it takes to be a Zine-Fiend, join our team. Just tell us a bit about yourself, include some links to your prior work, and hit submit!


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Why would you like to join our team:

How often can you contribute:

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Does it Mean to Join the Team?

In addition to the guest contributions we feature in The Burgundy Zine, we’re looking for contributors who can guarantee they’ll submit content each month for our bi-monthly digital magazine.

You may be familiar with the process of contributing if you’ve been featured on our website in the past. The only major difference is we will be counting on our team to send us content each month, rather than a one-time contribution.

Those looking to make a one-time contribution or be featured on a more casual basis should visit our submissions page.

Those who are part of our team will be featured on our about page with their title, a photo (it can be a graphic or an image), and a bio.

Am I Still Allowed to Work on My Own Blog/For Other Blogs?

YES! We are in no way expecting you to put aside your personal projects. Instead, think of The Burgundy Zine as an additional platform to advertise your work on.

What if I Can’t Contribute Each Month?

That’s okay! This is a flexible position. We won’t bite your head off if you miss a month here or there. Just give us a heads up!

However, if you know you won’t be able to commit to contributing on a regular basis, simply submitting content rather than applying to join may be a better fit. We are still featuring content from guest contributors, so it is not required to join our team in order to be featured in our digital magazine.

Will I Be Paid for My Contributions?

At this time, this is an unpaid position. The Burgundy Zine is a self-funded project by a college student who works part-time, so we’re not in a position to pay contributors yet.

However, we are looking to expand. We will be launching an official merchandise store this year to fund our printing endeavors.

When The Burgundy Zine begins distributing physical copies, the sales from printed-issues would be divided evenly among contributors.

Still Have Questions?

We’re all ears! Please contact us.

Interested in having content featured in an upcoming blog post or issue of The Burgundy Zine? Head on over to the submissions page!

For all other inquiries, please fulfill a contact form.