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Artist Spotlight: Jessica Abella

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By: Jessica Abella

A white and gold resin geode by Jessica Abella

Source: Jessica Abella

Artist Jessica Abella rocks our world with her nature-inspired resin pieces.

Various resin artworks by Jessica Abella

Source: Jessica Abella

About the Artist

Abella is a 29-year-old Montserrat College Of Art graduate with a bachelor’s degree in photography. Following her graduation, she launched a photography business in 2015.

“When I first started out I geared more towards events and family portraits,” Abella said to us via email. “This was a sure way to build up clients and to get my name out there.”

“After a few years of pushing through these sessions that seemed to exhaust me, I decided to use my creativity in a different way.”


During her creative quest, Abella fell head over heels for working with resin.

“I didn’t start small with molds or small projects,” she said. “I dove right in — fears and all — and made a 16 x 20 painting for my first project. A geode, something I have always wanted to make. After creating my first painting I fell in love.”

Over time, Abella has expanded her craft to encompass orgonites, freeform resin, home decor, and various molds.

Today, she runs a successful business that nourishes her artistic freedom. Eventually, she hopes to own a studio and turn her passion into her full-time career.

“Being a small business owner has given my life a purpose,” Abella explained. “I wake up every day excited to create and put fourth new ideas. I love what I do, and the fact that people love it too makes me feel like I’m right where I’m supposed to be.”

Jessica Abella’s large geode tutorial

Source: Large Geode Tutorial | Jessica Abella

Head on over to Jessica Abella’s website to view more of her stunning creations!
Be sure to follow Abella on YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram to keep up with her latest work.

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