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BOOKS by Priti

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By: Priti

Old Books Pile on wooden table with an hourglass

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Poet Priti reflects on the importance of books in a poem.

For to say, what’s a book?
A set of alluring printed pages
That are continuously being written
Telling much, for ages

The art of writing a book began
Collecting and merging more info
About the topic chosen
Were ‘n’ are written after discussion & convo
Author of a book has a distinct kind of affection
Behaves like a Duke during his inspection
Keeping a creative interest
He piles up his
Intelligence and imagination

We can find a number of kinds of books
Could it be a novel or a biography
Each day gratifying people’s interest
It’s a thing, in teaching, we acquire first
Book, a moonstone full of knowledge
Elders used to cling to it
To know more and more
You have to struggle a bit
To whatever topic it relates
We could easily find of our interest and rates
Whether it may be non-fiction or imaginary

You will get it on any criteria, which is necessary
What actually a book helps us to know
Is not easily forgettable
It’s a medium to influence people
That keeps ancient values and education stable

Nowadays, what’s on trend
Is people changing their mind & getting online
Interest in books, little decreasing
To adults, that seems not at all pleasing
Teenagers think, internet could replace them

But as we call it
In our own language, it’s their “VEHM”
When ultimately it comes to guidance
People seem to look back on them
As we know, how much technology continues to advance
They can’t ever be replaced at any instance! 

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