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The Burgundy Zine Issue #2: Fashioning Passions

By: burgundy bug

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Burgundy Zine Issue #2: Fashioning Passions

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How Do You Know if You’re in Love?

A flush as red as roses paints itself wide across your cheeks. Nervous giggles force themselves through your smile as your lungs beg for oxygen.

That’s love.

… Right?

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What Happens to Your Brain When You’re in Love

Your pupils dilate and a wave of euphoria washes over you. You are engulfed in a sense of calm, despite an increase in your heart rate. This is not a work of magic, no. This is your brain on love.

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Date Ideas When You’re Broke AF

Chin up, buttercups. Feb 14 may be right around the corner, but that doesn’t mean you have to start busting open old piggy banks in order to celebrate Valentine’s Day.

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