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Crystal Ermon on Mastering Her Energy

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By: burgundy bug

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Source: Crystal Ermon

Author and cognitive-behavioral therapist Crystal Ermon has mastered her energy and aligned her life through the power of spiritual awareness. Now, she’s encouraging readers all across the globe to turn their life around through her book, “Master Your Energy.”

Recently, we reached out to Ermon via email to learn more about how she began her journey, her work, and her book.

How did your spiritual journey begin?

My spiritual journey began the moment I was sick of my old life and ready for change.

Crystal Ermon

I decided to follow my heart and create newness through location (moving to a new city) and habits (changing my daily routine).

What has your spiritual awareness taught you about yourself and about life as a whole?

Spiritual awareness will teach you that you are an unlimited being, meaning anything you want you can obtain.

If you want to level up you can grow expeditiously. All through the power of positive thinking.

Crystal Ermon

How would you describe your life before your spiritual journey began? Was there a final push that encouraged you to change your perspective?

Before my spiritual journey began, my life was filled with busy schedules and lots of partying. The final straw for me was the complacent feeling in my life that everything was moving but not evolving.

I was ready to let go of my party life and busywork. Just to live my life more intentionally.

How has your background in cognitive behavioral therapy influenced your work?

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy has healed me and in that, I have empowered others to heal themselves. I am better at communicating with others and I understand people without judgment. 

During a CBT session, how do you use spiritual awareness to help your clients?

I use my skills in CBT not for my own private practice with clients, but in my writing and through my podcast. I knew the conventional ways of therapy wouldn’t reach the people who need it. So I incorporate my practice on my show, in my books, and through my speeches.

You recently released the book, “Master Your Energy,” could you tell us a little about it?

“Master Your Energy” is really a guide on how to achieve success with spirituality. A lot of people believe that to be successful or wealthy you have to hustle and grind. When in all actuality you have to meditate and tap into your intuition.

What inspired you to publish a book?

I was always a writer since my youth. I wrote my first book in elementary school and I won the state in The Young Authors competition. I never forgot that accomplishment.

I have this desire to help others achieve wholeness so I wrote the book to share the knowledge that worked.

How long did it take you to write “Master Your Energy?”

Technically it took me two months to type the manuscript and edit, but over the course of three years I journaled my experiences.

I originally had enough for a 300-page book, but I wanted the message to be clear, concise, and to the point. So it was compacted into 50 pages so readers could grasp the concepts within a shorter time frame.

What was the most challenging part of publishing “Master Your Energy?”

The most challenging part was meeting my publishing deadline in time.

I had some good advice from a writer, Alexis Patton, she told me to just focus on writing 400 words a day and not to overwhelm myself. This was a huge game-changer for me.

I would start with a 400-word goal and finish with 1500.

Crystal Ermon

I completed my book five days before my deadline.

How do you hope to impact your readers?

I want every reader to have the epiphanies needed to experience growth in the areas of life that they have kept them stuck.

What have you learned from “Master Your Energy” that you’ll use going forward with your work?

What I have learned was that emotions are just indicators of what’s going on internally.

It’s ok to be human and experience emotions, just don’t allow them to define you or overpower you.

Crystal Ermon

In your podcast, “Master Your Energy,” you discuss various spiritual and self-help topics. What subjects do you hope to hone in on throughout the rest of the year?

For the rest of the year, we’re going to have more guest interviews on the podcast. The selected guest all work in various fields from tech, film, and the arts, all sharing what spiritual practices have helped them evolve.

I think this will allow listeners to connect more with their respective career fields to learn from the guest.

What’s next for you, Crystal?

The book tour is up next! I am super excited to share my story and teach practical steps that have been mentioned in the book. So you can expect to see “Master Your Energy” book talks & seminars coming to your city.

Do you have any additional comments or final thoughts to share?

Follow me on Instagram @Crystal.Ermon (I follow back) and be sure to take the first steps towards achieving success with spirituality by ordering your copy today!

Love & light,
Crystal Ermon

Give “Master Your Energy” a read to kickstart your journey and listen to Crystal’s podcast for additional inspiration.
Be sure to follow Crystal on Instagram to keep up with her latest work and upcoming book tour!

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