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Day Five of Falloween: The Fabric of Fall – Corduroy by Jayna Nance

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By: Jayna Nance

Jayna Nance sports corduroy paper bag pants in a rich shade of milk chocolate

Source: Day 5 of Falloween: The Fabric of Fall – Corduroy | Jayna Lance

In the fifth installment of her “13 Days of Falloween” series, Jayna Nance flaunts fabulous fall-colored corduroys.

It all comes back eventually! Ya girl loves her some corduroy, especially for fall. Whether it be a skirt, overalls, or these to-die-for pants, this versatile material keeps us warm enough for a chilly morning, yet stylish enough for all of our fall events.

I got these pants from Target, and take my advice: you have to find the right way to WEAR corduroy.

These were also available in a mustard color, but I couldn’t bring myself to pick mustard because I knew I would only have so many possibilities with them. I’m able to create so many different looks with these milk chocolate colored ones.

I know that being adventurous and picking a fabric you’ve maybe not worn before can be a little intimidating, but trust me when I say you can rock ANYTHING!

See you for Day 6, loves!

Love and Magnolias,

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