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Do’s & Don’ts of Hosting a Friendsgiving Party by Peter

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Peter of Joyful Source gives us advice for hosting a Thanksgiving feast with friends.

For many people, the holiday season is the most stressful time of the year. Big holidays like Thanksgiving often include a lot of family drama that ends up in tears and broken hearts. So, if you want to have a stress-free holiday, try Friendsgiving!

While this new holiday doesn’t have to replace Thanksgiving with your family, it’s a fun and drama-free event we all deserve and dream about. Invite a bunch of your closest friends over and show your appreciation without any obligation of family ties. Here’s how to throw a super fun Friendsgiving party.

Send Invitations Early

If you actually want to have your party, you need to send your invites as early as possible. Remember, most people travel during the holidays, so take their plans into consideration and pick a date that works for everyone.

When it comes to invites, you can take a DIY route or opt for a green option with paperless invites. Websites like Paperless Post allow you to customize your e-cards and they are oftentimes free (or cheaper) for first-time users!

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Make it a Potluck Event

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Since you’re craving a stress-free Thanksgiving party, make sure to organize a potluck style dinner that’ll get you away from the stove.

After your friends RSVP, send out a spreadsheet of different meals they can prepare to ensure there are no duplicate dishes.

Pro tip: make sure to ask everyone about their dietary requirements and allergies. You want to provide something for everyone so that your guests can leave with a full tummy.

Provide Plenty of Drinks

Guys, this is not your mom’s dry Thanksgiving party! Make sure there’s enough booze in order to ensure a real party atmosphere.

However, it’s best to stay away from a full bar. It’s much easier to make one big bowl of punch or get a few bottles of gin online.

Don’t forget about your sober friends, though. You can grab some affordable wholesale tea that will warm up everyone and go perfectly with the fall atmosphere. There are even tasty tea punch recipes you can find online! And you’ll have plenty of tea left to last you all through the winter.

Choose Easy-to-Make Desserts

A fall-themed dessert spread

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Baking desserts will take you a lot of time, so opt for something easy yet tasty. It’s best to choose a no-bake approach and search for minimal-ingredient recipes.

If you want to go really simple, there are great Paleo-inspired recipes that you can make with only four ingredients and a mixer!

Decorate At Least a Little

You don’t have to go all out on your decoration for Friendsgiving. However, a few décor elements will put everyone in a festive mood.

Some seasonal flowers and fall-inspired colors will be just enough. If you’re all Instagram-obsessed, make sure to create a nice Insta corner with interesting fall elements and fun décor pieces. Think balloons that spell out “Friendsgiving”, some pumpkins, apples, funny hats, and face masks so you can leave with a lot of new stories and photos for your feed.

Have a Fun Dress Code

Two young women holding pumpkins and laughing

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If you want to make your event extra fun, put a silly dress code on your invites. Instead of your regular Thanksgiving attire, try out a pajama party or go with a costume theme. You’ll be more comfortable and have a lot of laughs.

Plan Some Entertainment

Once you finish your meal, you’ll need something to do. No matter if you’re planning to watch sports or play board games, make sure everyone is involved (unless you plan to kick everyone out as soon as the dinner is over, which is totally fine too).

If you want to have a really memorable party, you can put together a 100 percent personalized playlist, especially if you know everyone’s taste in music. You’ll have something to dance to, and you can even make copies of the tape to send them as super cool party favors.

In Conclusion

Keep your guest list small and well-curated and you’ll have the best Thanksgiving party ever. If everyone is full, relaxed, and ready to party, your Friendsgiving will be a total success without any drama and discomfort.

Peter is a lifestyle and food writer at Joyful Source magazine.
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