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Femanist by Fiona McHugh

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By: Fiona McHugh

Profile of a Lion

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Poet Fiona McHugh shares with us, “Femanist,” along with three other deeply brilliant poems that will be featured in the July issue of The Burgundy Zine.

Exhibiting your masculinity
Framing it ever so delicately
You hang your words on puppet strings
Like bait, in the air, dangling 

Your opinions, drenched in tenderness
Filling the hole of your filthy abyss
I loosened my lips and opened my hips
Assuring myself this time it won’t hurt a bit 

I thought your hands were clean
Instead they built a wall inside of me
Another boundary I have to make
Because of a man’s vile mistake 

A walking contradiction
The cunning lies fuel your addiction
Extracting all the power you can
Won’t make you more of a man

Professing that you feel for us
Just in order to earn our trust
To you, it’s a major success
If your politics get us to undress

Your grimy imprints, I’ll scrub and rinse
Man, you had me surely convinced
As you preformed your alluring script
Roping me into your tight grip

What a sickening plan you began!
Crawling into any woman you can
As I’m watching the lies drip from your tongue 

All my trust in men becomes undone

Head on over to Fiona McHugh’s blog for more of her writing and poetry!

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