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Friday Feeling: Mahik’s Inspirational Thoughts

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By: Mahik’s

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Poet Mahik’s inspires us with her beautiful, thoughtful quotes.

Note: The thoughts are originally by Mahik’s. And using the quotes without crediting the author will violate the rights. Kindly don’t do so. 

“Start loving what you have rather than moaning on what you left behind.”


“Don’t let your past take away your present.”


“Everything happens for a reason. It’s not a bad life, just a bad season”


“You’ll never know what’s waiting for you on the other side if you don’t have the courage to leave from where you are.”


“My heart is all yours but the queen is still me!”


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Living in Moradabad, a city of North India famous for its handicraft industries and export of handicraft items all over the world, Mahika Bansal is a teen poet with enormous dreams just like all other growing buds of her age. As an artist, Mahika tries to compose poetry that speaks about the beauty of the world as well as the dark side of life. She is a creator of ideas, floating in the sparkling sea of imagination.

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