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#HarvestAtHome During the COVID-19 Pandemic by The Subversive Gardener

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By: The Subversive Gardener

A plant sprouting in a repurposed K-Cup

Source: The Subversive Gardener

Brooklyn-based organization The Subversive Gardener discusses their viral campaign to promote sustainable indoor gardening and connect New Yorkers with the global movement to grow your own food.

Amidst concerns of produce availability, food waste, and stay-at-home guidelines, interest in gardening and farming is experiencing a boom. Seeds and gardening tools are flying off the shelves almost as fast as flour and yeast. For New Yorkers with limited access to tools, space, or soil, creative solutions are needed. 

This is where the Subversive Gardener and its global network of guerrilla gardeners and agricultural professionals come in.

Connected through #HarvestAtHome, LA’s Gangsta Gardener Ron Finley demonstrated ways to repurpose old containers from milk cartons to empty chip bags as growing pots; NYU student Caitlin Gebhard shared the triumph of regrowing vegetables from food scraps in jars hung up high above the reaches of a curious cat; and Subversive Gardener Director Vanessa Harden shared tips for harvesting strawberry seeds in the sunshine of an apartment window.

“The best part about this campaign is watching people experience the joy of gardening and bringing food sovereignty to their own lives and their community in a fun and accessible way,” says Harden.

About The Subversive Gardener

The Subversive Gardener is a non-profit organization that aims to educate and inspire individuals of all ages to develop creative design solutions to agricultural problems.

Through workshops, showcases, and events, they connect individuals and communities who are facing challenges related to agriculture and food production with designers and engineers interested in creating tools and solutions that drive positive environmental impact. 

#HarvestAtHome #SeedTheRevolution

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