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June is National Candy Month

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By: burgundy bug

Rare Tootsie Pop Flavors: Caramel, Strawberry with Lemon Center, Blue Razz with Cherry Center, and Wild Blue Berry

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Need a little something to sweeten your day? June is National Candy Month.

To celebrate, we’ll be reviewing $60 worth of “rare” Tootsie Pops: Blue Razz with Cherry Center, Wild Blue Berry, Strawberry with Lemon Center, and Caramel.

How many licks did it take us to get to the center of this review? While we can’t say for sure, we can say this has been quite a treat.

A Bit of Context…

National Candy Month

“National Candy Month is a time to celebrate the authentic, fun treats that candy companies have been producing for more than 100 years.”

National Candy Month | National Confectioners Association

National Candy Month was first observed in January 1974 to stave off the drop in confectioner sales after the holiday season, according to National Day Calendar.

Over time, the celebration migrated to the month of May before locking in its place as a month-long celebration in June.

What a sweet way to kick off the summer season!

Why Did You Buy $60 Worth of Tootsie Pops

Flapjack: “A hundred pieces of candy! That’s like a million pieces of candy!”

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Listen, I love lollipops. I’m fructose and lactose intolerant, so my options for sweets are very, very limited.

Of all the sweets I’ve missed since cutting back on candy, nothing compares to the ways in which I’ve craved a good ol’ fashion sucker. Nothing.

I’ve been treading carefully through candy aisles to find a safe haven in sugary delicacies that won’t set off my symptoms… And a few months ago, I found out that Tootise Pops aren’t made with high-fructose corn syrup.

WE WERE BACK IN BUSINESS, BABY! Finally, a big ol’ lollipop that isn’t some “Super Natural Organic Love Your Body Fuel Your Soul™” brand.

Not that organic candy is bad, per say, but a bug just wants to feel “normal” sometimes, okay? Plus, no other brand compares to the fruity, gooey goodness that is a Tootsie Pop.

Anyways, I found a slew of flavors I’d never heard of on the Tootsie Pop website: strawberry lemon, blueberry, blackberry, you name it, they’ve got it.

The only problem? Most of them only come in 50 count bags.

So, I bit the bullet, threw caution to the wind. I was going through some heavy stuff in April and needed a sweet pick me up.


Not going to lie, it helped. Tootsie Pops helped me crawl out of a rock and a hard place.

When all else had gone wrong, a bundle of artificial fruit flavors in a hard candy coat on a little white stick had my back. God Bless.

Bug’s Rare Tootsie Pop Review

Blue Razz with Cherry Center Tootsie Pop Review

4 out of 5 Tootsie Pops

Sour and sweet, Blue Razz with Cherry Center will razzle-dazzle you with it’s packed-to-the-punch, pucker-inducing fruity goodness. It’s comparable to straight-up sucking on blue raspberry water ice flavoring.

Refreshing and tarty, you can’t go wrong with Blue Razz – especially if you’re a sour fanatic.

The cherry adds a nice counter to the power of Blue Razz’s flavor. If you’re patient enough to suck your way to the center, the cherry and Blue Razz blend together everso harmoniously.

Wild Blue Berry Tootsie Pop Review

4.2 out of 5 Tootsie Pops

Unlike Blue Razz with Cherry Center, Wild Blue Berry is sweet, delicate, and comforting. It’s downright deliciousness.

The flavor isn’t too overwhelming, but the hints of blueberry are just enough to satiate your sweet tooth.

Although I love Tootsie Pops, I’m not much of a chocolate fan myself (Tootsie Pops are my one exception; the hard candy coating makes it all worthwhile). Personally, I’d love to see Tootsie Roll Industries release a version of Wild Blue Berry with a cherry or lemon center.

That would be next level, definitely top-tier.

Strawberry with Lemon Center Tootsie Pop Review

4.8 out of 5 Tootsie Pops

I love strawberries, but I often find that strawberry-flavored candy can be incredibly overwhelming.

Strawberry with Lemon Center is far from oversaturated. In fact, it has more of an aromatic, perfumy flavor. Just a tinge of mouthwatering strawberry goodness, highlighted and brought to fruition by its lemon center.

Needless to say, Strawberry with Lemon Center doesn’t disappoint. It’s a pleasure every lick of the way.

Caramel Tootsie Pop Review

5,000 out of 5 Tootsie Pops

I may be lactose intolerant, but I love caramel candy. To hell with my faulty digestive system and my inability to breakdown certain enzymes, I LOVE CARAMEL!

Not quite a Werther’s and not quite a Nips, the Caramel Tootsie Pop is in a whole league of its own. It’s rich, yet light; familiar, yet unique; creamy, yet retains the consistency of the Tootise Pop you know and love.

And it’s not just me – anyone that I’ve shared my treasured Tootsie Pops with agrees; caramel is, without a doubt, the best flavor.

If there’s any Tootsie Pop from this entire review that you should try, it ought to be caramel.

In Conclusion

Spongebob is handed an enormous lollipop after his visit to the doctor’s office

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Happy National Candy Month. Whether you’re fond of gumdrops and lollipops, or maybe chocolate’s more of your thing, we encourage you to indulge in your candy-crazed soul.

Go on, what are you waiting for? Satisfy your sweet tooth!

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