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May is National Strawberry Month

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By: burgundy bug

Containers of strawberries displayed in a local farmer’s market

Source: Strawberries | Penelope Peru Photography

Happy National Strawberry Month! Although you can’t visit your local orchard to handpick your own berries right now, you can still celebrate this delectable fruit all month long from home.

Strawberry Fun Facts

How to Celebrate National Strawberry Month at Home

Strawberries displayed in a sleek, white bowl

Source: Pexels

Grow Your Own Strawberries

If you live in USDA Hardiness Zones three through five, now is the perfect time to start a strawberry garden in your own backyard, according to StrawberryPlants.org.

How to grow and harvest strawberry plants outdoors

Source: How to grow & harvest strawberry plants | bandq

You can determine which zone you live in by viewing the USDA Hardiness Zone Map here.

Additionally, Gardening Know How says strawberries can be grown indoors with relative ease. Their shallow root system allows them to thrive in most containers, they just need at least six hours of sunlight per day and to be checked daily for watering.

Rev Up Those Fryers

“Rev up those fryers!” from Spongebob Square Pants

Source: Rev Up Those Fryers! | TeffiniWynn

Strawberry jam can be made quickly and easily right on the stovetop with the help of a food processor (or you can mash them with a fork).

The USDA also has a database of strawberry recipes you can make, and there are plenty of vegetarian options included, as well.

Get Artsy

Glossy strawberry stickers and a strawberry doodle by burgundy bug

Source: Original Art | Penelope Peru Photography

Strawberries are relatively easy to draw or paint, so why not embrace your inner creative with some strawberry inspired artwork?

Or, if music’s more of your forte, write a strawberry inspired song!

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