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Monthly Newsletter #10: Happy Halloween

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By: burgundy bug

Pumpkins as seen at the Renaissance Fair in 2017, filtered and doodled on

The Burgundy Zine

We may have been tricked by technical difficulties this month – but don’t fret, there are plenty of treats to come on The Burgundy Zine this November.

A Quick Announcement…

As you may have heard in our announcement and email memos sent out earlier this week, the file for “The Burgundy Zine #10: Spooky Psychology” corrupted 102 pages into working on it the day before it was intended to be released.

We are still releasing an October and November issue of The Burgundy Zine. The new release date for the October issue hasn’t been announced yet, but we are aiming to have it published before Nov. 12.

The November issue of The Burgundy Zine will still be released on Nov. 28.

Therefore, the soft deadline for submissions to the November issue of The Burgundy Zine is Nov. 21. The hard deadline to submit content is noon on Nov. 27.

More information about submitting to the November issue will be published next week.

Monthly Recap

We jumped right into this month by tuning in to an interview with pop-punk artist Becky Crosby, followed by a review of her latest single, “I Know.”

After our Instagram-Worthy Fall Decor article was featured on Denelia Storm’s blog, we reviewed CBD Chief’s Vape Starter Kit.

Then, we discussed the psychological and physiological effects of sleep deprivation, followed by Mahik’s poem “A Call For Help… From We, to Us.

Later, we explored how sensory information in dreams compares and contrasts between those who are sighted and blind.

We also took a moment to tune in to an interview with pop-rock artist Maggie Schneider to learn more about her journey towards self-discovery.

Following CBD Central’s guide comprehensive guide to CBD, Emily Barnes delighted us with her family’s experience at the Great Pumpkin Blaze in Sleepy Hollow, N.Y.

We were thrilled to introduce you to groundbreaking poet and writer Victoria Culbreath, who recently launched her blog.

Afterward, EdMission Possible gave us a timeline of the Financial Aid process for students.

Taking a moment to engage in the oddballs and oddities that flood Amazon’s costume department, we shared some of our favorite quirky and questionable couples Halloween costumes with you.

UK artist Emily Barnes shared her artistic depiction of disassociating, followed by our discussion on serotonin and its role in your daily life.

Then, Dr. Sharon Connell discussed the various anxiety disorders that plague our lives and provided a few grounding exercises that may help in times of distress.

Next up, we tuned in to an interview with alt-pop artist Julia Lambert to learn more about her latest single, “Wild Rose in the City.”

We also tuned in to a review of Samuel Jack’s pop ballad, “In My Head,” which is a touching single about grappling with turbulent mental health.

Then, Neviti told us the trick to throwing killer Halloween parties for kids and adults.

After exploring how dogs think, feel, and communicate, we paid homage to the world’s first National Period Day.

Next, Shore Grow shared their beginner’s guide to aquaponics, and we dipped our toes in the controversy of whether plants possess consciousness and discussed how they think.

Not to mention, Clare got our mouth’s watering with her simple mummy bark recipe.

Then, we tuned in to an interview with pop artist Cassidy Smiler to hear the story behind her latest single, “Professional Smiler.”

After Leah shared her review of “Sanctuary” by V.V. James, we discussed the field of positive psychology. and Big Forty cracked us up as she cracked down on online remedies for dealing with spiders.

With Halloween just a few days away, Sarah Ann got us in the holiday spirit with her Trick or Treat DIY, Jayna Lance encouraged us to embrace “Falloween” by rocking some corduroy, we directed our artist spotlight towards one of Gabi Marte’s “Inktober” pieces, and Peter gave us Tips For a Kick Ass Halloween Party.

InkMe also shared her poem, “Faith is a Clean Blue Sky,” and Aaron Radcliffe gave us comprehensive reviews of 13 horror films to watch on Halloween.

Aries the Cat Ambassador warmed our hearts with his touching story, then we directed our artist spotlight towards @lones_felt_and_craft.

Then, as you know already know, the Adobe InDesign file for “The Burgundy Zine #10: Spooky Psychology” corrupted and we had to delay its release. 🙁

Last but most certainly far from least, we turned our amps all the way up to 11 as we tuned in for an interview with Jesse and Austin from the rock band The Bronze Age. We also featured an interview with Teri Anderson, an artist we’ve highlighted before for her beautiful textiles and geometric art.

Going Forward

Going Forward, we will be releasing two digital magazines this month: “The Burgundy Zine #10: Spooky Psychology,” and “The Burgundy Zine #11: History and Holidays.”

Submissions for the November issue are open!

Click here to learn more information or contact us.

We have some exciting event coverage coming out later this week and we will be posting updates about both zines on our Instagram story.

Last week, we published a poll on our social media accounts asking if you would like to see us live stream and do a Q+A of remaking “The Burgundy Zine #10: Spooky Psychology.” Based on our responses, we will look into live streaming and post the streaming info on all platforms (including our blog)!

While we’re working on this content, you can check out the highlights from October on Penelope Peru Photography or begin submitting your content for the November issue of the magazine to us.

Until next month,
burgundy bug >:^)

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