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Monthly Newsletter #14: Let’s Put #OurHearts Up

By: burgundy bug

Get moving, stay pumping

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We put #OurHearts up for February, now it’s time to get pumped for what’s to come in March.

Monthly Recap

We jumped into this month with “The Ultimate Online Privacy Guide for Journalists” by Wizcase, followed by our article about American Heart Month.

Then, we tuned-in to an interview with alt-rock band Wave Break, followed by our review of “Mad” by alt-pop singer Izzy Thomas.

After The Institute for Childhood Preparedness announced their upcoming online training courses, we explored the brain’s default mode network.

Next, Julie Singh discussed 13 health benefits of spending a little more time in mother nature and Mahik’s blew us away with her poem, “Cut the Crap!”

Then, Anita Richard gave us a few tips for handling erectile dysfunction.

After diving into research on the connection between olfactory performance and cognitive decline, the Greenbud Gazette walked us through first-dispensary visits for Pennsylvania medical marijuana patients.

Next, we directed our Artist Spotlight towards Teri Anderson and her delightful watercolor work.

Then, we tuned-in to a special guest post on letting go by punk rock band Go For Gold and we encouraged you to jam along to our Valentine’s Day playlist.

After directing our Artist Spotlight towards Hawaii-based multimedia artist Amy Donnelly, we were thrilled to officially welcome Mahik’s to The Burgundy Zine team.

#OurHearts were a flutter around Valentine’s Day, with the release of articles like: “Vegan Valentines: Sweets For Your Dairy-Free Sweetheart,” “The Health Benefits of Being In Love,” “5 Books to Read This Valentine’s Day by Deanna Jackson,” “Valentine’s Day Makeup Lookbook by Lena Leew,” and “Quit Being Stubborn: It’s Ruining Your Relationship by Deanna Jackson.”

Then, we had the opportunity to discuss potential applications for human hibernation with Kelly Drew, a University of Alaska professor and CEO of Be Cool Pharmaceutics.

After tuning-in to an interview with alt-pop duo Cardiac Half, experts from Sleepopolis taught us how mental health affects sleep.

Next, author Anita Oommen showed us how rejection can be an invitation for us to heal and grow.

Then, we discussed research on nicotine patches for treating depression and ADHD with one burning question in mind: which is the lesser of two evils? A nicotine dependence, or grappling with your symptoms?

After tuning-in to an interview with singer-songwriter Marlounsly, we reviewed alt-pop singer JANOS’ latest single, “SICKY/STICKY.”

Next, Canncentral shared their review of A-Dub cannabis flower in a special installment of our “Strain of the Week” series.

Then, Explore New Trails discussed the benefits of Green Exercise and we interviewed Kush Art marketing director Jorge Barrera-Galindo to learn more about Vladimir Kush’s latest piece, “In Full Sail.”

Although “The Burgundy Zine #14: Healing” is scheduled for release on March 28th, we couldn’t contain our excitement.

In place of a February zine, we shared a few updates on how the zine is coming along and provided a sneak peek of our upcoming music spotlight.

Last, but most certainly not least, Smartvine Wine gave all of us a taste of their vegan, keto-friendly beverage.

Going Forward

Going forward, we’ll be full steam ahead as we gear up to release “The Burgundy Zine #14: Healing.” Be sure to follow our Instagram to keep up with the zine updates we post to our story!

As we had mentioned in our zine update on Friday, we’re aiming to launch our merch store by mid-April, as well.

There’s a lot coming up within the next few weeks and we’re excited to be accompanied by you on this journey.

Until next month,
burgundy bug >:^)

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