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Monthly Newsletter #3: Springing into Things

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By: burgundy bug

Tumalo Falls

Source: Tumalo Falls Waterfall 01 | Penelope Peru Photography P3

March sure came and went in the blink of an eye, didn’t it? After wrapping this month up with the release of the 118-paged third issue of The Burgundy Zine, Grow, it’s time to spring into our theme for April: Cannabis.

Monthly Recap

We marched on into the month with Invest in Yourself by Nimrah.

After recaping the highlights from Feb, we took a scenic tour in Hiking Through Central Oregon.

Then, Sarah Winton used her passion for fashion to help us put together our Workwear Essentials

Afterwards, we tackled one of the most pressing issues, climate change, with What’s the Deal on Climate Change? and Mel’s article, Step Up on Climate Change

Next, we took a slice out of Pi Day with Get a Slice of This: Pi Day and followed by celebrating St. Patrick’s Day with Chicago Blows Saint Patrick’s Day out of the Water.

Then, we took initiative to better ourselves with What is Wellness? and JD’s comparison of two healthy diets in Keto Vs The Mediterranean Diet

In between our Gardening Guides: Succulents and Gardening Guides: African Violets, we considered opting for Beetles Over Beef as a sustainable alternative to meat.

Then, we learned about the upcoming garden project at the Shorter AME Church in Morton, Pa, in Gardening is Giving: Shorter AME Church Grows Produce for Those in Need

We continued to put our green thumbs to the test in Gardening Guides: How to Propagate African Violets from a Leaf

Once we got our hands dirty and our seeds sown, we learned about microscopic bacteria that thrive in heat in Thermophiles – Wait, That’s Not a Fetish!?

Then, we visited Willow’s Garden Cafe in Media, Pa, a cafe that emphasizes sustainability and wellness. 

Next, Emily Barnes took us on a journey and encouraged us to get a little fresh air in her article 10 Outdoor Adventures to Love in New York

Afterwards, we visited Karite Naturals and got the inside scoop on wellness in Karite Naturals – Getting to the Root of Wellness

Then, Simon Holding shared his family’s greenhouse with us in Our Greenhouse in Southern England

Finally, we concluded the month with Cigarettes: Over Romanticized and Over Done ’till Death

The following is a list of all articles published in Mar. 2019:

Although The Burgundy Zine is only on it’s third issue, I already feel like we’ve come so far since launching the site in Dec. 

The Burgundy Zine has given me the opportunity to meet and work with so many talented individuals already. I can only imagine where we’ll be next month, or even a year from now. 

Going Forward

Going Forward, the fourth issue of The Burgundy Zine on cannabis is scheduled for release on April 28th

In the mean time, stay tuned for posts on our blog!

See you next month, bug buddies.

Yours truly, 

Burgundy Bug

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