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Monthly Newsletter #5: May the Culture Be with You

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By: burgundy bug

Gertrude Stein in Philadelphia, Pa

Source: Philadelphia in April | Penelope Peru Photography P³

Oh me, oh my. Oh me, oh May. Day by day, The Burgundy Zine was honored to celebrate our theme of culture throughout the month. 

Although this month’s theme ended up being more geared towards specific subcultures, we truly enjoyed the unique perspectives shared by our contributors and interviewees alike. 

Monthly Recap

After reviewing the highlights from April, we began this month with XtaSeay and I’s review of the Indica Remedi Transdermal Patches by Cresco for our Strain of the Week series. 

Then, PA Purnell kickstarted our theme of culture with her essay, ‘I Am American.’

Following ‘Herbology’s Grand Opening in Morton, Pa,’ we took a sip out of ‘Tea Around the World.’

Then, Sorayah shared her photographs from Venice Beach, Calif with us. 

Next, we took a moment to appreciate ‘The Evolution of Meme Culture.’

Then, we let out a deep breath as relief washed over us in, ‘Post Finals Week: The Come Down After the Crash.’

After reviewing ‘The French Art of Not Giving a Sh*t: Cut the Crap and Live Your Life,’ we gave some tips on ‘How to Dress for Work Without Sporting Floral Prints.’

Next, Chloe Fry shed some light on social media culture with her article, ‘Be Kinder to Yourself: Social Media.’ 

Then, we covered neurology professor Hayley Nelson, P.h.D and Tina Curry-Logan’s ‘Webinar: The Physiological Effects of a Life Out of Balance.’

After ‘What is the Soda Tax?‘ Emily Barnes highlighted the pros and cons of van life in, ‘Tiny Living Culture – Is Van Life for Us?

Once we figured out ‘How Smoking was Denormalized,’ we reviewed LINE Corporation’s free to play app, ‘Little Wizard Sally.’

Towards the end of May, we interviewed kawaii mom, blogger, and social media influencer MomoKumo in, ‘Kicking it Kawaii Style with MomoKumo.’ 

Following ‘A Multigenerational Look at Video Game Culture‘ we interviewed locals about ‘Philly Culture‘ from their point of view.

Before the release of ‘The Burgundy Zine #5: Be Present – Culture,’ we interviewed the Calif-based indie band Gone Fishin’.

Then, Kara Masterson helped us switch gears into our theme of summer for the month of June with ‘Preparing Your Home for Summer: 4 Ways to Keep Your Family Cool and Content by Kara Masterson.’

Afterwards, we covered State Rep. Jennifer O’Mara (D-165)’s town hall in Morton, Pa.

Lastly, encouraged others to appreciate their roots in celebration of summer break with the post ‘Living on Vacation: Making the Most of Home During Summer Break.’

The following are a list of articles posted throughout May.

May Articles

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  4. May 5, 2019: Checkout Owl and Laterz feat (Burgundy Bug)/draft/ by XtaSeay
  5. May 5, 2019: Strain of the Week: Indica Remedi Transdermal Patch by Cresco
  6. May 6, 2019: Essay: I Am American by PA Purnell
  7. May 7, 2019: Tune-In Tuesdays #17: An Open Letter by Nicotine
  8. May 7, 2019: Herbology’s Grand Opening in Morton, Pa
  9. May 8, 2019: Tea Around the World
  10. May 9, 2019: Photostory: Venice Beach by Sorayah
  11. May 9, 2019: The Evolution of Meme Culture
  12. May 10, 2019: Post Finals Week: The Come Down After the Crash
  13. May 12, 2019: Weekly Newsletter #19: Word to Your Mother
  14. May 12, 2019: The French Art of Not Giving a Sh*t: Cutting the Crap and Leaving a Review
  15. May 12, 2019: Strain of the Week: White Sour by Grassroots
  16. May 14, 2019: Tune-In Tuesdays #18: Champagne Galore by Elujay
  17. May 15, 2019: How to Dress for Work Without Sporting Floral Prints
  18. May 16, 2019: Be Kinder to Yourself: Social Media by Chloe Fry
  19. May 16, 2019: Webinar: The Physiological Effects of a Life Out of Balance
  20. May 17, 2019: Calling All Contributors – May 2019
  21. May 18, 2019: What is the Soda Tax?
  22. May 18, 2019: Tiny Living Culture – Is Van Life For Us? by Emily Barnes
  23. May, 19: 2019: Weekly Newsletter #20: Cultural Cravings
  24. May 19, 2019: Strain of the Week: Blueberry Budder by Liberty
  25. May 20, 2019: How Smoking was Denormalized
  26. May 21, 2019: Tune-In Tuesday #19: Thump by Gone Fishin’
  27. May 24, 2019: Checkout Pre Jams Smoke Jams by XtaSeay on SoundCloud!
  28. May 24, 2019: Checkout Whatever – INTERLUDE by XtaSeay on SoundCloud!
  29. May 25, 2019: Little Wizard Sally: The Perfect Pocket Pal
  30. May 26, 2019: Weekly Newsletter #21: Interviews, Points of Views, Woohoos!
  31. May 26, 2019: Strain of the Week: East Coast Sour Diesel Diamonds by Grassroots
  32. May 26, 2019: Kicking it Kawaii Style with MomoKumo
  33. May 26, 2019: A Multigenerational Look at Video Game Culture
  34. May 27, 2019: Philly Culture
  35. May 28, 2019: Tune-In Tuesdays #20: Keepin’ it ‘Reel’ with Gone Fishin’
  36. May 29, 2019: Preparing Your Home for Summer: 4 Ways to Keep Your Family Cool and Content by Kara Masterson
  37. May 30, 2019: State Rep. O’Mara Addresses Pressing Issues in Delco at the Morton Borough Hall
  38. May 31, 2019: Living on Vacation: Making the Most of Home During Summer Break

Going Forward

Going forward, you can break out the sunscreen and a pair of shades, ’cause The Burgundy Zine will be releasing an issue all about summer time on June 28th. If you are interested in submitting content for the June issue, please refer to our submissions page on our site.

Want to see the highlights from May? Head on over to Penelope Peru Photography!

Thank you again for another wonderful month!

Stay cool, 

burgundy bug

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