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Monthly Newsletter #6: Jumping Into June

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By: burgundy bug

Snails on a piece of wood

Source: Penelope Peru Photography p3

In spite of the heat, we kept it pretty cool here this month on The Burgundy Zine. Of course, we wouldn’t have been able to do it without the help of our talented guest contributors and interviewees.

Monthly Recap

After recapping the highlights from May, we jumped into June with XtaSeay and I’s review of Cresco’s Lime Sorbet Live Resin

Sauce for our Strain of the Week series.

Then, we learned more about ‘Save the Children,’ a non- profit organization dedicated towards helping youth around the globe.

Afterwards, we stopped by Krishna Persaud’s ‘Spoil Me’ cart at the Springfield Mall to learn more about her fine jewelry and migraine piercings.

Then, we investigated all the severe weather that’s been reining down on Pa, such as the unusual spike in tornado warnings.

Following our brief venture into meteorology, we covered the town hall held by Rep. Jennifer O’Mara (D-165) in Radnor.

In the celebration of pride month, Rebecca Gibson shared her story as a member of the LGBTQ community in, ‘The B Word and Its Influence.’

Then, we stressed the importance of summer skincare in our series of articles: ‘How to Shield Your Skin from Summer Sunshine,’ ‘What the Heck is SPF, Anyways?,’ and ‘What the Heck are UV Rays, Anyways?’

Continuing on a medical note, Winston delighted us with his ‘Ultimate CBD Dosage Guide.’

Afterwards, Ela Kaimo gave us a classic, light, summer make up tutorial.

Then, we highlighted some of our favorite summer nails of Instagram.

Next up, Fitness model, Nicolette Brignola, discussed her workout routine as well as her experience competing during our interview.

Switching gears, we dived further into the recent declaration of leopard seals, an arctic animal, as a resident species of New Zealand.

Then, we spoke with Michael Milstein, the public affairs officer of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration about the unusual mortality event pertaining to gray whales.

Shortly thereafter, we spoke to Haley Pavone, CEO of Pashion Footwear about the launch of her invention: heels that transform into flats in seconds with a simple twist and pull.

Just before the release of The Burgundy Zine #6, Smoki Daze blew our minds with her summer lookbook.

A few hours later, we covered our visit with a visit at Lush, where floor leader Amber “Ber” Mancini gave us an in-depth look at the ‘Shark Attack’ campaign, the history of Lush, as well as her own personal experience with the company.

Then, just before the clock struck 12, we released ‘The Burgundy Zine #6: Summer,’ which features articles about skin care, make up, fitness modeling, marine biology, cannabidiol (CBD), and more.

The following is a list of all articles posted on our blog throughout June:

June Articles

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  8. June 4, 2019: Tune-In Tuesdays #21: Leave Me Alone by Ethan Bortnick
  9. June 6, 2019: Body Piercings, Migraine Relief, and More at Spoil Me in the Springfield Mall
  10. June 8, 2019: What’s with the Weather in Pa?
  11. June 9, 2019: Weekly Newsletter #23: Rain, Rain, Will You Ever Go Away?
  12. June 9, 2019: State Rep. O’Mara’s Town Hall in Radnor
  13. June 9, 2019: Strain of the Week: CBD Five Vape Pen Starter Kit
  14. June 10, 2019: The B Word and Its Influence by Rebecca Gibson
  15. June 10, 2019: How to Shield Your Skin from Summer Sunshine
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  17. June 10, 2019: What the Heck Are UV Rays, Anyways?
  18. June 11, 2019: Tune-In Tuesdays #22: Perfect Pitch with Ethan Bortnick
  19. June 11, 2019: The Ultimate CBD Dosage Guide for Anxiety, Pain, Epilepsy, and More by Winston
  20. June 12, 2019: Summer Makeup Guide by Ela Kaimo
  21. June 12, 2019: Summer Nails of Instagram
  22. June 14, 2019: Fitness Modeling, The Industry, and Working Out with Nicolette Brignola
  23. June 16, 2019: Weekly Newsletter #24: Word to Your Father
  24. June 16, 2019: Only Positivity #1: Don’t Let To-Do Lists Run Your Life
  25. June 16, 2019: Strain of the Week: Malawi Memory Loss by Prime Wellness
  26. June 17, 2019: Leopard Seals: What It Means to Be a Resident of New Zealand
  27. June 17, 2019: Herbology’s Happy Hour in Philly
  28. June 18, 2019: Tune-In Tuesdays #23: April Showers by ProleteR
  29. June 23, 2019: Weekly Newsletter #25: Summer, Summer, Summertime
  30. June 23, 2019: Why We’re Seeing More Beached Gray Whales
  31. June 23, 2019: Strain of the Week: Orange Chem Soda by Prime Wellness
  32. June 25, 2019: Tune-In Tuesdays #24: My Favorite Song by Thiago Muller
  33. June 27, 2019: Digging Our Heels into Pashion Footwear with CEO Haley Pavone
  34. June 28, 2019: Summer Lookbook: Smoki Daze
  35. June 28, 2019: Shark Attack at Lush
  36. June 30, 2019: Weekly Newsletter #26: Hey, June, Don’t Make it Bad

Going Forward

Going forward, we’ll be wrapping this month up with photographs on Penelope Peru Photography throughout the week, as well as our monthly highlights.

Beginning July 1, we will be focusing on Art & Poetry for the next issue of The Burgundy Zine, scheduled for release on July 28th.

As always, we welcome you to submit your work for this next issue – whether it’s art, design, poetry, an article, photography, or music. After all, The Burgundy Zine wouldn’t be what it is today without you.

The deadline to submit to the July issue of our magazine is July 27th.

You can send your work on over through the submissions page on our blog, or email the editor directly: editor@burgundyzine.com

Until next month,

burgundy bug

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