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Niki Brigs Battles for the Belt – And Wins

By: burgundy bug

Niki Brigs shows off her belt at OCB’s Battle of the Belt in Aug 2019

Source: Niki Brigs

In just under a year since she began her journey as a bodybuilder, Niki Brigs earned her title as a professional at the Organization of Competitive Bodybuilders’ Battle of the Belt in Aug.

Niki Brigs at Battle of the Belt

Source: Niki Brigs

“Not even a full 365 days since I first stepped on stage, I was now the overall winner,” Brigs wrote in her article on Centurion Labz blog. “I would no longer qualify for any competitions that weren’t within the pro-ranks.”

Brigs began competing with the OCB Franco Classic, where she placed second in both the Bikini Novice B and Bikini Open B, in Sep. 2018.

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The Burgundy Zine

Niki Brigs at the OCB Franco Classic in Sep. 2018

Source: Niki Brigs

Day in and day out, she continues to devote herself to the bodybuilder lifestyle and will make her pro debut at her next competition in 2020.

If you are interested in working with Brigs as a fitness model or brand ambassador, please email: niki.brigs@gmail.com or contact us.

Head on over to Niki Brigs’ Instagram to keep up with her progress!

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