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No Packaging? No Issue!

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By: burgundy bug

Design online – noissue.

Source: Noissue

Beautifully crafted and sustainably made, Noissue offers custom packaging solutions for every artisan and brand alike.

Whether you’re in need of tissue paper, stickers, tape, mailers, or stamps adorned with your logo, Noissue’s got you covered.

“Our packaging products are eco-friendly so that brands can provide their customers with an unboxing experience that isn’t tarnished by excessive amounts of non-recyclable plastic,” their website explains.

Noissue has various sustainable product ranges including compostable, recycled, and reusable packaging.

  • Compostable packaging: Made from renewable, plant-based materials or bio-polymers. You can compost it in your backyard within 180 days!
  • Recycled packaging: Made from previously used plastic products (i.e. water bottles, shopping bags, etc…).
  • Reusable packaging: Crafted with at least two uses built-in!

All of these options are one small step for business owners, one giant leap toward environmentally-friendly e-commerce.

In addition to being eco-friendly, Noissue’s online platform is highly creator-friendly.

Their online portal makes customizing your packaging a breeze. You can create a new design directly on their site or simply upload one you already have saved.

Plus, with free shipping and returns worldwide and orders fulfilled within three weeks, you’ve got no issues and no worries with Noissue.

Head on over to Noissue to begin creating your custom packaging today!
Need a little inspo to get you started? Check out their blog or Instagram to see how other creators have used Noissue!

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