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Review: 3-Minute Inspirational Reflections for the Soul by Anita Oommen

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By: burgundy bug

“3-Minute Inspirational Reflections for the Soul: 50 Daily Truths and Journal Prompts” by Anita Oommen (digital copy)

Source: 3-Minute Inspirational Reflections for the Soul: 50 Daily Truths and Journal Prompts | Anita Oommen

Written to inspire and evoke “God-fidence,” author Anita Oommen awakens readers to the radiant beauty of their soul in her latest book, “3-Minute Inspirational Reflections for the Soul: 50 Daily Truths and Journal Prompts.”

A Bit of Context…

“Over the course of decades, I suffered wounds of rejection, fear, and internalized negative messages that turned my world upside down as a grown adult,” Oommen writes in the introduction of the book. “I took on a journey from despair to heal and build a new life – rebuilding my life from the ground up.”

In growing and learning to blossom from her previous experiences, Oommen has previously detailed her journey in her book, “Picking Up the Shards.”

Now, Oommen encourages the reader to bloom alongside her through nurturing daily prompts and reflections in “3-Minute Inspirational Reflections for the Soul: 50 Daily Truths and Journal Prompts.”

3-Minute Inspirational Reflections for the Soul Review

Each prompt offers just a few lines of encouragement that help the reader remember they’re a valuable, cherished, and magnificent individual.

These prompts reinforce the reader’s self-worth while simultaneously conjure up inspiration for each reflection.

“You are good enough
And worthy of connection, care, nurture,
And healthy relationships”

– “Worthy of Connection” in “3-Minute Inspirational Reflections for the Soul” by Anita Oommen

Many of the prompts encourage embracing God’s love in a very tasteful manner. The religious undertones throughout Oommen’s book add additional layers of positivity without infringing upon the reader’s own beliefs. Instead, the message opens the reader’s heart to their own personal connection to God and spirituality.

“God will never leave you
God will keep his promises to you
You matter
You are seen
You are known
You belong
You are beloved
A child of the most High God”

– “You Matter” in “3-Minute Inspirational Reflections for the Soul” by Anita Oommen

Beside each prompt, there’s space for the reader to reflect on a few “lies they’ve been telling themselves,” then replace those ruminations with positive affirmations.

These reflections aren’t meant to be novels, rather, it fosters a sense of self-awareness. Through them, the reader is meant to recognize their own thought patterns and behaviors, then replace them with a healthier perspective.

Bug’s Two Cents

5 out of 5

I’m no stranger to journaling and daily prompts. In fact, I find such prompts quite insightful. I appreciate how a daily question or quote can inspire a reflection that you may have otherwise never given yourself the time or space to think of.

I adore the flow and core values of Oommen’s book. I’ve found every passage so tranquil and reassuring.

Additionally, I love how “3-Minute Inspirational Reflections for the Soul” helps you face your self-doubts. It’s all too easy to just accept your insecurities as an unchanging part of yourself and become consumed by such cumbersome thoughts.

What we often forget is we have the power to change our perspective – albeit, it’s easier said than done, but these prompts subtly reinforce more constructive thought patterns.

“3-Minute Inspirational Reflections for the Soul” is the highlight of my day. I truly look forward to these moments of introspection and feel very positive changes taking place within myself as I fill them out.

Overall, I’ve found Oomen’s prompts delightful and highly recommend picking up a copy of “3-Minute Inspirational Reflections for the Soul,” which is available on Amazon digitally or as a paperback book.

Not only would this serve as a wonderful present for a loved one, but these brief moments of daily reflection are one of the best gifts you can give to yourself. You deserve it.

Head on over to Amazon to get your own copy of “3-Minute Inspirational Reflections for the Soul” or visit Anita Oomen’s website to learn more about her.
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