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Review: Pink Clover Magazine

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By: burgundy bug

Pink Clover Magazine Issue #1 by Pink Clover Press

Source: The Burgundy Zine

Pink Clover Press has hit the ground running with the first edition of their magazine! Each page is brimming with such vibrant, educational, and interactive artwork.

A Bit of Context…

Run by Jayme Brodie, Pink Clover is a small press that is creating curated illustration and comics anthologies centered around various wholesome themes with past projects range from frogs to summer romance and self love. Pink Clover’s newest project is an illustrated magazine centered around the theme of animals, featuring activities, comics, interviews, and illustrated mock advertisements was funded through Kickstarter on 4/4/20

Source: Pink Clover Press

The first edition of this “illustration anthology” is centered around zoology and ecology.

As Pink Clover founder Jayme Brodie describes in the intro, “This magazine was made for anyone with a love for art and animals. From the bower birds to the incredible naked mole rat, all the animals illustrated in this book are here to welcome you to their world!” 

Bug’s Two Cents

5 out of 5 clovers

Pink Clover magazine resting atop an African Violet terrarium

Source: The Burgundy Zine

I discovered Pink Clover while browsing artist Monette Wan’s Instagram page after her feature in The Burgundy Zine #15 and I couldn’t have been more thrilled to support the Kickstarter campaign.

I was instantly enamored by the visuals, the concepts, the theme. It was love at first sight… Or, site… Ha.

Each artist featured in Pink Clover adds their own unique flair and withholds their artistic integrity. Simultaneously, each style complements one another to form a cohesive look that’s incredibly appealing. The magazine is stunning, even to simply thumb through it.

However, this isn’t just another magazine to flip through. Far from it. Every page offers something enriching for the reader, from fun facts about animal species to seek-and-finds and interviews.

As I was putting tabs on pages that stood out to me in particular, I found myself putting tabs on just about everything — even the fake advertisements!

If I HAD to pick out just a few pieces that caught my eye in particular, I’d have to go with “Deep Dive,” “One Stormy Day,” “Migration,” and “What Will I Be?”

Weiwei Xu‘s “Deep Dive” is overflowing with such interesting facts about sharks. The artwork is beautiful and the layout flows swimmingly.

Mike Amante‘s “One Stormy Day,” Ivonne Manon’s “Migration,” and Soojin Paek‘s “When I Grow Up” are comics with such wholesome messages. The artists’ styles and color coordination are just gorgeous, too.

I also thought the “Shadow Animal Guide,” “Mielovik Tailoring” ad, and the hermit crab activity on page 57 were downright adorable accents to the magazine.

Overall, I can’t praise Pink Clover enough. This issue is so uplifting and enriching, I can only begin to imagine what future installments will entail.

Whether you’re in need of artistic inspiration or a break from current events, Pink Clover Magazine delivers on all fronts. 

It’s also very family-friendly and would be a delight to read with your little cherub. And if you just so happen to be the cool aunt or uncle? Sharing Pink Clover with your niece or nephew is bound to earn you even more brownie points with that special little someone.

Head on over to Pink Clover Press to learn more about the publication and their upcoming projects!
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