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Softening the Struggles of Erectile Dysfunction by Anita Richard

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By: Anita Richard

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Source: Anita Richard

Anita Richard gives us a few tips for getting a grip on erectile dysfunction.

Erectile Dysfunction shouldn’t be so hard… In fact, it’s not.

ED, a condition classified by the inability to maintain a fully firm erection, has managed to peek its head into the lives of up to 30 million men in the United States alone. 

Erectile dysfunction is hard on those who experience it but it’s possible to get a grip on your condition for you and your partner.

Softening the Struggles of Erectile Dysfunction

Despite being a common issue, attempting to control impotence can often feel like an uphill battle. However, approaching ED with the right mindset and a few lifestyle changes can help sufferers regain a firm hold on a seemingly intractable part of their life.

Aim For a Healthier Weight

According to research, weight has an impact on erectile function. The results of this study, in which clinically obese subjects with ED lost weight over a two-year period, show that roughly a third of the men who lost weight were able to overcome their impotence. 

Avoid Tobacco

Tobacco can damage the blood vessels causing an erection to become unlikely. Published research shows that regardless of age, smokers are at a higher risk for experiencing ED.

Minimalize Alcohol Consumption

Due to how alcohol (and other depressants, such as Xanax) affect our nervous system, overconsumption can lead to erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation. In fact, more than half of the men who were dependent on alcohol in this study experienced either ED or premature ejaculation.

Be Honest

Attempting to hide impotence from your partner is understandable, yet unnecessary. Being upfront saves everyone from potential feelings of confusion, frustration, and inadequacy. 


Don’t be afraid to talk to your doctor, loved ones, support groups, or even a therapist about your condition. The emotional toll impotence can take on you or your partner is serious and may even lead to depression, according to this trial

Familiarize Yourself with the Facts

It’s important to become knowledgeable on ED not only for yourself but to help dispel the fallacies and ignorance that surround erectile dysfunction.

Keep an Open Mind

This is especially true for partners of those who face Erectile Dysfunction but applies to everyone involved. Approach the situation at hand with patience and understanding, rather than anger and blame.

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