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Step Up on Climate Change by Mel

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Bug’s Two Cents

It warms my heart more than climate change is warming our Earth (I swear, that sounded a lot more witty than distasteful in my head) to see such an informative post written about the issue.

Climate change is currently one of the greatest threats to humanity, if not the greatest threat to humanity. Although we should strive to live more ecologically friendly lives, Mel makes a wonderful point that I immediately regretted not making in my post about climate change shortly after releasing it the other day; voting is one of the most important steps you can take towards the environmental movement.

As Mel mentioned later in her article, the real power lies in the hands of our policy makers. They have the ability to immediately put laws into effect that could essentially save our planet – as they did by globally banning CFCs.

I had no idea the ozone layer had actually began to heal, which sends me over the moon. In the face of an issue as pressing and seemingly hopeless as climate change, those sort of outcomes are exactly what we need to motivate us to keep trying to save our precious planet.

Thank you again, Mel, for such a beautiful and educational article.

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