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Struggles of Working Through the Holidays by The Black Princess Diaries

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By: The Black Princess Diaries

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The Black Princess Diaries shares a few tips for staying in the holiday spirit while working throughout the season.

The holidays are literally my favorite time of year and has been the most exciting time for me ever since I was a kid. But I just got my very first job. Some jobs let you off on the holidays, but sadly mine does not.

I’m along with many other holiday lovers that have to spend part of their Christmas with (sometimes very rude) strangers.

For a lot of you workers out there, I know you may be used to this if you hold a job somewhere that makes you work on the holidays, but since I’m new to it, it’ll be a sad time for me. The experience I had on Thanksgiving alone was sad. There were so many rude people that day and what for?

I’m here serving you when I should be home with my family.

The Black Princess Diaries

The worst part about working through the holidays isn’t just letting work get your holiday spirit down. Some jobs might help keep it up a little bit despite having to work and deal with some rude customers.

For example, maybe you get to decorate your establishment with holiday decorations, or you get to be festive and wear Santa hats, or cute festive clothing. Your establishment might even play Christmas music, which may be annoying and tiring after a while for some but a joy for a Christmas lover like me.

If your job lets you do any of that stuff, then I’d call you lucky. As far as I’m aware, my job doesn’t let us do any of those things, which makes it more depressing that I’m working through the holidays and missing part of my family time.

It completely sucks, but to end this on a good note, here are just a few ways I’m going to try to stay in the holiday spirit at work that you can try as well.

Discreet Holiday Wear

If you can’t put on festive wear, then try wearing festive makeup (if you do wear makeup). If you can’t go too all out since you’re at work, then a simple red lip might even be enough to help put you in the holiday spirit.

Socks don’t show in your uniform? Then put on some festive ones! If they don’t show then no one will know what’s underneath and you can still add that little touch to a boring uniform.


Does your establishment not play music? Create your own!

My job is at least a little more laid back in other ways, so I’m able to hum or sing a little bit with no one caring. If your job is the same and you like to sing or hum then you should do it to some Christmas tunes!

Service with a Smile

The last thing I can think to try is to just do my best to continue to stay in my holiday cheer and wish my customers a happy holidays/Merry Christmas.

Even if they have a nasty attitude and are being a Scrooge, sometimes instead of letting those nasty attitudes get you down you have to let your positive attitude lift them up!

In Conclusion

Do you have to work on the holidays? What’re your tips for getting through with your holiday spirit remaining intact? We can get through this struggle together!

Happy Holidays!

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