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Behind the Zines: We’re Launching a Kickstarter in May 2020!

It’s with an incomparable level of giddy and excitement that we announce the launch of The Burgundy Zine Merch Store campaign on Kickstarter – seriously, editor burgundy bug was clapping like a seal when the approval confirmation email graced her inbox.

The Burgundy Zine Kickstarter campaign will give us the ability to get our merch store off the ground with stickers, apparel, handmade cards, original artwork, and more. We also see the merch store as another platform for us to collaborate with artists and musicians to sell and promote their work.

Our Kickstarter campaign officially launches on May 21 and will end on June 21. However, you can be among the first to receive a notification when The Burgundy Zine Kickstarter launches: just visit our pre-launch page and make sure you press “Notify me on launch!”

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Weekly Newsletter #66: Thank You For Healing With Us

Well, bug buddies. It’s 4:00 AM, I’ve just finished going through my emails, and I’m ’bout to ugly cry out here because YOU’RE ALL SO KIND!! AHHHH.

My mushy-gushy softness aside, we extend our love and appreciation to our entire community for, once again, coming together and helping us make another issue of our digital magazine possible.

In addition to our regularly scheduled programming, we’d also take to take a moment to discuss a few new features in this issue of our digital magazine a bit more in-depth.

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Behind the Zines: Let’s Talk About Vulnerability

Healing, by nature, is a very delicate topic that required an air of grace on behalf of ourselves and our contributors to hold these discussions.

We’re immensely proud of our community for coming together and letting themselves be vulnerable over the last two months.

However, there’s still one person who’s not entirely on board yet: me, editor burgundy bug.

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Behind the Zines Update: “WHERE’S THE BURGUNDY ZINE #14!?”

After a year of releasing a digital magazine on the 28th of each month, we decided to switch things up a bit this year and transition to a bi-monthly format.

That means there will not be a zine released on Feb. 28th. We know, we know, it feels… odd. However, we’re still eager to share the zine we’ve been working on behind the scenes.

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