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Tune-In Tuesdays #30: Music and More with DERYK G

Deryk G is an upcoming artist based out of the west side of Chicago who’s discography elegantly pulls elements from across various genres.

With his show coming up on Aug 10 and the upcoming release of his EP this fall, we spoke to Deryk over the phone to learn more about his work on Saturday.

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What is the Soda Tax?

You’re carousing the aisles of your favorite convenience store in Philadelphia, parched, your mouth as dry as the Sahara desert. Craving a bubbly, sugary Coke, you quickly navigate to the beverage section only to find the price has jumped to $2.12 – and that’s not including the city’s 0.08 percent sales tax, either.

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Chicago Blows Saint Patrick’s Day out of the Water

The windy city of Chicago blows Saint Patrick’s Day out of the water. Between the dyeing of the Chicago river and the Irish parades, no one does Saint Patrick’s Day quite like good ol’ Illinois.

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