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Is Greenland Okay?

Last year saw record-breaking ice melt events in Greenland, with the largest island on Earth yielding a net ice loss of over 300gt, according to the National Snow & Ice Data Center.

To put this into perspective, a gigatonne is 1,000,000,000 metric tons, and a metric ton is equal to 1.10231 US tons. 300gt is roughly 330.7 billion US tons. Here, try out the conversion for yourself. We’ll wait.

However, last year was only the seventh-worst year for ice melt in Greenland. Data from the NSIDC shows 2012 had the highest ice melt, but melt had significantly decreased by 2013 – that isn’t to say conditions weren’t a cause for concern, but they had “chilled out” in comparison to 2012.

So, is there a chance 2020 might spare a little mercy towards Greenland? Well…

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The Burgundy Zine #3: Grow

By: burgundy bug

Burgundy Zine Issue #3 Mar 2019 – Grow

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Beetles Over Beef

Beetles. Caterpillars. Bees. Ants. Grasshoppers… Is your mouth watering yet? No? Well, it should be. Opting for beetles over beef may just save our planet.

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What’s the Deal with Climate Change?

Climate change is happening all around the globe, right before our very eyes, whether you believe it’s all just a hoax or not. It is the devil’s advocate of natural disasters, as well as unstable and unpredictable weather patterns. Experts are referring to it as one of the greatest threats to humanity, even though we practically put ourselves in this position.

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