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Better App Co-Founder John Halker on Emotional Wellness and Psych Education

How much do you value your physical health? Alright. Now, how much do you value your mental health? Take a moment to truly reflect on that – perhaps you prioritize one over the other.

And it’s not your fault. For decades, “mental health” simply wasn’t a facet of our vocabulary.

“When I was a kid, nobody ever mentioned mental health,” said psychotherapist and ‘Better App’ co-founder John Halker. “It was just not on the agenda.”

Attitudes towards mental health have shifted in recent years, with a 2019 American Psychological Association survey reporting 87 percent of American adults said: “a mental health disorder is nothing to be ashamed of.”

However, mental health is more than just a buzz word – it’s intertwined with your overall health. An emotional wound demands your attention, just as a physical wound does.

Recently, we spoke to Halker via video call for a very insightful discussion about the “Better App” and “Better Stop Suicide App,” groundbreaking mental health apps designed to guide you in fostering a proactive approach to your emotional wellbeing.

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Tune-In Tuesdays #68: Raye Zaragoza on “Fight Like a Girl”

Standing at “the forefront of her own narrative” and inspiring women around the globe, indie-folk artist Raye Zaragoza has continued to empower her audience with the release of her latest single, “Fight Like a Girl.”

Recently, we spoke to Zaragoza via email to learn more about her work as a musician, her values as an activist, and her latest single.

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Tune-In Tuesdays #67: Neuromantics on “Crimes of Passion”

London-based alternative rock band Neuromantics is tethered together by their deep, heartfelt connection to their craft and their connections to each other as individuals.

Following the release of their debut album, “Crimes of Passion,” we spoke to vocalist Daniel Pye, guitarist Andrew Gambell, and bassist Danny Timóteo to learn more about Neuromantics’ emotive debut, their history as bandmates, and what the future holds for the group.

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Muralist and Art Therapist Jessie Novik Takes on the World One Wall at a Time

Impassioned by her innate artistry and love for teaching, Jessie Novik has explored multiple avenues for utilizing art as a healing medium, from one-on-one art therapy sessions with her clients to leading public community art projects throughout New York.

Recently, we spoke to the Brooklyn-based creative via telephone to learn more about her lifelong love for art, her experiences in martial arts, and to learn more about how she’s staying connected with her clients virtually during the coronavirus pandemic.

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Tune-In Tuesdays #65: Lada Beseda on Bringing Her Sound From Ukraine to the US

Lada Beseda is a multi-faceted musician, painting emotionally-driven melodies that sweep color across various genres. Her energy radiates passion, ambition, and a genuine kindness that further amplifies her deep, musical intrigue.

Following the release of her latest single, “Betrayal,” we spoke to Beseda via telephone to learn more about her journey as an artist: from moving across an ocean to pursue her career to her upcoming project this year.

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Tune-In Tuesdays #64: Keesh on Finding His Groove

Los Angeles, Calif-based musician and producer William Keesh is a passionate artist still “digging deeper” to find the groove in his tunes.

Recently, Keesh released “Again,” a smooth, sultry single about overcoming lustful distractions. We reached out to Keesh via telephone to learn more about his journey as a musician, his move to LA, and the story behind “Again.”

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The Ecological Cost of the Trump Border Wall

The “world’s most costly” border wall has a projected budget that extends beyond its dollar amount: the environmental and ecological costs.

If the Trump administration pursues a wall along the U.S.-Mexico border, “there are species that will be completely extirpated from the United States,” said Sky Island Alliance program director Emily Burns during our recent interview.

Not to mention, the cement needed to create the border wall will require draining “hundreds of thousands of gallons of water that’s very precious down here in the southwest” from sensitive, local sources, she added.

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MeetHook Founder and President Shed Light on How to Thrive in the Modern Music Industry

MeetHook connects the creators with the creatives, giving stars and their audiences a much-needed space to form deep, personal connections. It’s a comprehensive, user-friendly platform where musicians and other professionals can schedule and receive payments for video call sessions by the minute.

Recently, we spoke to MeetHook CEO and founder Anthony Citrinite along with MeetHook president Michael Moorin to learn more about the platform works and how users can get the most out of their sessions.

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Tune-In Tuesdays #63: Balcony Talk on Breaking Free From the ‘Calendar Daze’

Not feeling his message was being heard within a band, Anthony Cafiero decided to fly solo and start a deeply personal, alt-rock project: Balcony Talk.

Earlier this month, Balcony Talk released the EP “Calendar Daze,” which was inspired by Cafiero snapping out of the trance of his daily grind and reconnecting with his love for music.

Recently, we had a very heartfelt discussion with Cafiero via email about Balcony Talk and “Calendar Daze.”

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