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3 Years

Happy “three years of knowing you” anniversary, my honey darling. Thank you for being there for me through everything… Even my more questionable fashion choices.

I couldn’t ask for a better partner in life.

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Sing For You ‘Till Sunrise

soft as a lullaby, sweet as lamb,
your moonlight caresses my skin,
and i sing for you ’till sunrise, i hope you hear it,
i want you to dream of me, let my voice be your blanket,
i sing for you ’till sunrise, as your love engulfs horizons,
i long for the mornings that you let me in,
to your arms as i crawled back to bed for the day,
i miss waking up next to you every day, it weighs,
deep on my chest,
where your head used to rest,
i feel best in your arms,
so i’ll keep the space in the bed warm,

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at the height of my thirst,
i tried to induce my own mirages,
eyes closed, mind picture-laiden with oasis collages,
at once, i sighed and sipped,
but i still felt defeated,

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The Gardener

To love was to be reborn,
To be loved was to be baptized,
To bloom with all my thorns,
Even as I wilted before the gardener’s eyes,

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cafe forever // poem

when we could buy liquid happiness for just a dollar or two,
why would i wanna be anywhere else but in a coffee shop with you

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Favorite Memory by Marshall James Kavanaugh

“Favorite Memory” is a poem written on the spot by the ‘dream poet for hire,’ Marshall James Kavanaugh, in Rittenhouse Square, Philadelpha, Pa.

This poem will also be featured in the seventh issue of The Burgundy Zine on July 28th.

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