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The Burgundy Zine #3: Grow

By: burgundy bug

Burgundy Zine Issue #3 Mar 2019 – Grow

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Thermophiles – Wait, That’s Not a Fetish?

Although the name “thermophile” may throw you for a loop, it is not a reference to those with a burning passion for heat. Rather, it is microscopic bacteria that is able to thrive in boiling water.

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Beetles Over Beef

Beetles. Caterpillars. Bees. Ants. Grasshoppers… Is your mouth watering yet? No? Well, it should be. Opting for beetles over beef may just save our planet.

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What is Wellness?

Although there’s always been a market for self improvement, the concept of wellness has been ever present over the last few years. From our beauty products to our commercials to events in our towns and at our schools, the trend has spread like wildfire.

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What’s the Deal with Climate Change?

Climate change is happening all around the globe, right before our very eyes, whether you believe it’s all just a hoax or not. It is the devil’s advocate of natural disasters, as well as unstable and unpredictable weather patterns. Experts are referring to it as one of the greatest threats to humanity, even though we practically put ourselves in this position.

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How Do You Know if You’re in Love?

A flush as red as roses paints itself wide across your cheeks. Nervous giggles force themselves through your smile as your lungs beg for oxygen.

That’s love.

… Right?

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What in the World Wednesdays #9: Summits, Oscar’s, and Pesticide

As this article is being published, President Donald Trump is having dinner with the Supreme Leader of North Korea Kim Jong Un in Hanoi, Vietnam.

Meanwhile, the president’s former lawyer Michael Cohen is hours away from testifying against Trump in court, Green Book scored a controversial win at the Oscar Awards’ on Sunday, and a study found traces of weed killer in 19 out of 20 beers and wines they sampled.

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What Happens to Your Brain When You’re in Love

Your pupils dilate and a wave of euphoria washes over you. You are engulfed in a sense of calm, despite an increase in your heart rate. This is not a work of magic, no. This is your brain on love.

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