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What I’ve Learned From Hiking and Gardening

Hiking and gardening are two hobbies of mine that are separate, but deeply intertwined. The way soil slides through the spaces between my fingers, the pride I feel when the first blooms on a new plant appears, and the joy to be had hiking through the woods on a cool, summer afternoon has given me a newfound appreciation for all life on our planet.

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Living on Vacation: Making the Most of Home During Summer Break

Year after year, us students find ourselves tasked with the ultimate challenge: cramming as much as possible into an ephemeral, three month break – whether it’s roadtripping, shopping, spending time with loved ones, or working your tusche off to keep you afloat next semester.

Naturally, this newfound, brief period of free time leaves everyone craving adventure – but alas, life happens. As tempting as it is to travel, that isn’t always practical.

However, that doesn’t mean you can’t live like you’re on vacation without breaking the bank by staying abroad.

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Hiking Through Central Oregon

Oh, Oregon. Known for your hipsters and loved for your legal cannabis, you are home to some of the most beautiful national parks in America.

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