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The World’s First National Period Day

Today, Oct. 19, marks the very first national period day, according to Period., a non-profit organization fighting to end “period poverty.”

As this article is being written, rallies are taking place across the country to part the red sea of the oppressive “tampon tax” on period products.

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Digging Our Heels into Pashion Footwear with CEO Haley Pavone

Heels. They’re an elegant, classic wardrobe staple. Yet, in spite of being a a $34.1 billion industry, they are quite possibly the most impractical and unsafe style of footwear out there.

After personally falling victim to the dangers of stilettos, 23-year old entrepreneur Haley Pavone took matters into her own hands and started Pashion Footwear, the company that produces heels designed to transform into flats in seconds with a simple twist.

Yesterday, we reached out to Pavone via telephone to learn a little more about the launch of Pashion Footwear.

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