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The B Word and Its Influence by Rebecca Gibson

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By: Rebecca Gibson

Rebecca Gibson wearing a “I Put the B in LGBTQ” t-shirt

Source: The B Word and its influence | Jadetog

Rebecca Gibson shares her personal experience as a bisexual member of the LGBTQ community as well as what she’s learned while studying for her master’s degree.

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I love how the older I get, the more people are accepting June as Pride month all over the country. It makes my heart so happy.

It was this time two years ago that I officially came out as bisexual to friends and family.

I won’t bore you with the details because I have discussed my coming out on multiple platforms. Instead, I want to reflect on the past two years and how far I’ve come as a person – especially in this past year.

The first year I came out, I was still tiptoeing around the idea of my family knowing. I had spent a lot of time not trying to be so open about it in case it just irritated my family. I’d drop the occasional gay joke or saying here and there, but nothing more.

Throughout the past year, however, I have fully embraced the bisexual community. I have much stronger feelings for the community than ever before because I’ve come to realize more and more just how biphobic the rest of society can be.

I was discussing this with a friend the other day (who is lesbian). We spoke about how gays and those who are transgender are always receiving positive representation and they are almost always mentioned with a strong sense of “equality for gay/trans people!” Now, I’m not criticising this by any means, but it did spark a question in my mind.

Why don’t bisexual people get this kind of encouragement?

Rebecca Gibson

In reality, this discussion has been one I’ve been having with myself since last summer. It has been in my thoughts so much that I am even basing my Masters degree on it; Is There Any Positive Representation of Bisexuals in Film and TV?

Let me tell you I have committed myself to this research. Yet, it doesn’t stop at film and television; it continues all the way through to society and how people interact with those who identify as bisexual. While my research is still in motion – and I have much to learn – I am feeling quite confident with how it’s going.

Through looking into this further, I have actually made connections with people I never thought I would at this point in my career or life. I am creating a pride campaign for a Bisexual meet-up group, and I’m in the early stages of connecting with a member of Bi Pride UK.

What I really want to do is help promote healthy bisexual thinking through the form of film. It’s a topic that’s close to my heart, and the past two years have helped me become even closer to this feeling.

There are opportunities for amazing things once you find a passion for something and you truly go for it. I never expected to be making these connections: I was simply thinking of reaching out to production companies. However, by reaching out to communities that I am passionate about, I am now making content for a cause that’s so important to me.

If you’re passionate about something, find that other ‘thing’ you are passionate about and see how you can blend the two together. You might just find something that takes you down interesting routes.

Until next time B.A.B’s

R xoxo

Rebecca Gibson

Source: The B Word and its influence | Jadetog

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