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The Burgundy Zine #11: History and Holidays

Articles Featured

  1. Winter Season by Mahik’s
  2. What to Wear When Meeting Your Partner’s Parents for Thanksgiving by Peter
  3. 8 Tips for Affordable and Eco-Friendly Gift-Giving by Dark Blue Journal
  4. Artist Spotlight: Saumya
  5. Do’s & Don’ts of Hosting a Friendsgiving Party by Peter
  6. An Invitation from the Forgotten by Sibyl’s Scribbles
  7. William Penn: Paving the Way for an Equitable Pennsylvania
  8. Through the Doors of History by @PhillyDoorways
  9. Gay Penguins, Medieval Heretics, and the Place of Animals in the History of Sexuality by Tim Wingard
  10. Romance in the Digital Age
  11. The Newsuem: A Last Glance Before The Doors Close Permanently
  12. The Creation of a City of Ladies: Christine de Pizan and Her Legacy by Allison Francis
  13. Martin, Murder, Myths, and More by Laura Adkins
  14. ‘Good on the Romans!’ Museum Visitors Reflecting on Cultural Attitudes to Sex by Jen Grove
  15. Evil Eye: The History and Cultural Significance
  16. Streaming Services Killed the Radio Star: Is Radio Dead?
  17. Springz Knocking by Mahik’s
  18. All-Natural Alternatives to Anti-Depressants That Deserve A Try by The Green Ace
  19. Tune-In Tuesdays #44: VISTA On Rising From “The Ruins”
  20. Tune-In Tuesdays #45: Sätilä on Pursuing Music “Like He Does”
  21. National College Media Convention Takes Over Washington D.C.
  22. He Ain’t Budden: Joe Biden’s Stance on Cannabis Legislation
  23. Monthly Newsletter #11: Happy Thanksgiving


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