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The Burgundy Zine #13: Dawn of a New Decade

Articles Featured

  1. Australian Artist Fights Fire with Passion
  2. Top Environmental Concerns: Climate Change by Erizon
  3. Defining Moments of the Decade: WTF, 2010s
  4. It’s Been Here by S. Anne Kelln
  5. Tune-In Tuesdays #53 BONUS: Doctor Octoroc Announces New Kickstarter Project
  6. How to Make Positive Affirmations Stick by Elena Shelest
  7. How to Plan a Trip Around the World by Peter
  8. The Power in Femininity by Crystal Ermon
  9. Top 8 Fashion Trends for Winter 2020 by The Fashionable Housewife
  10. Vans Kicks off “Custom Culture” Contest
  11. Electroconvulsive Treatment Experience by Fishspit
  12. Get Your Shit Together with Trello
  13. Write Your Best in 2020: 5 Ways To Survive The Year and Keep Writing by Deanna Jackson
  14. NASA’s Big Plans for 2020
  15. Moonshrooms: How Fungi Could Shape Life on Mars
  16. Medical Magic Mushrooms: Where Do We Stand in 2020?
  17. BYOBottle: The Future of Sustainable Concerts and Festivals
  18. Tune-In Tuesdays #52: Going Back in Time to an 80’s Arcade with Nae
  19. Tune-In Tuesdays #53: Big Smile on What it Means to Be a Band
  20. Tune-In Tuesdays #54: From UK to LA with Karima Francis
  21. Tune-In Tuesdays #54 BONUS: Doctor Octoroc on Creating “Soft Bits In”
  22. A Glimpse Into the Garden 04
  23. Illinois Sees $11 Million in Sales During First Week of Recreational Cannabis
  24. Cumberland Extracts Hemp Facility Receives USDA Organic Certification
  25. We Want YOU to Join Our Team!


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  • “SNOWCONE” by Rei Ami

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