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The Burgundy Zine #3: Grow

Articles Featured

  1. Hiking Through Central Oregon
  2. 10 Outdoor Adventures to Love in New York by Emily Barnes
  3. Step Up on Climate Change by Mel
  4. Thermophiles – Wait, That’s Not a Fetish!?
  5. Karite Naturals – Getting to the Root of Wellness
  6. Invest in Yourself by Nimrah
  7. Workwear Essentials by Sarah Winton
  8. What is Wellness?
  9. Willow’s Garden Cafe – Locally Owned and Locally Grown
  10. Keto Diet Vs The Mediterranean Diet by JD
  11. Beetles Over Beef
  12. Tune-In Tuesdays #10: Carousing with The Carousers
  13. Our Greenhouse in Southern England by Simon Holding
  14. Gardening Guides: Succulents
  15. Gardening Guides: African Violets
  16. Gardening Guides: How to Propagate an African Violet from a Leaf
  17. Gardening is Giving: Shorter AME Church Grows Produce for Those in Need
  18. Chicago Blows Saint Patrick’s Day Out of the Water


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A cynical optimist and mad scientist undercover, burgundy bug is the editor, graphic designer, webmaster, social media manager, and primary photographer for The Burgundy Zine. Entangled in a web of curiosity, burgundy bug’s work embodies a wide variety of topics including: neuroscience, psychology, ecology, biology, cannabis, reviews, fashion, entertainment, and politics. You can learn more about working with burgundy bug by visiting her portfolio website: burgundybug.com

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