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The Power in Femininity by Crystal Ermon

By: Crystal Ermon

An apple adorned in pink and purple tree branches to symbolize the Biblical tale of Adam and Eve

Source: Crystal Ermon

Crystal Ermon, a cognitive behavioral therapist and author of “Master Your Energy,” encourages us to embrace the power of femininity.

It’s here, the decade of the woman. It’s not to say that we’re taking over the world no, but we’re embodying a divine nature and learning the power that we possess.

It’s in this divinity that we can support the world around us in a way that will ignite love, joy, and peace.

A woman is such a beautiful human created by God for the purpose and intent to influence and nurture and spark love on all levels.

The power of femininity is shown in all spaces in history, and it isn’t aligned with the feministic mantra of being equal to a man’s power but rather more of a balance between who he is and who she is. The polar opposites are both equally necessary to the world that we live in today.

Women are beautiful, soft, gentle, understanding, empathetic, and nurturing. What would the world be like without them? Bitter and cold.

There’s a loving energy that we can bring to any room when we heal ourselves from the comparison. Comparison is the thief of joy. When we continuously compare who we are to our masculine counterpart, we invite confusion and disorder into our lives.

Femininity has always been very influential, and it’s shown in the story of The Apple. Eve’s influence was so significant she was able to convince Adam to eat from the forbidden tree. It’s when we use our beauty and influence for the greater good of humanity that we truly see the positivity power that we possess.

Think about the most recent time you were able to defuse an intense situation or inspire action amongst people. When you use your ability to cultivate change in the world properly.

Although beauty can be fleeting, we are to use our vision to captivate for the purpose of influence and not for vanity or seduction. Seduction is about sex, and influence is about purpose. The two mustn’t be confused, seductress is always working to entice the thoughts lustfully.

An influencer is looking to achieve a goal. That’s why it’s imperative that as a woman, you find out what your purpose in life is. When you know what you’re working towards, you can live a life of substance and intent. You’ll be able to utilize all of your attributes to influence the minds of the people that align with you.

Be proud of who you are and every emotional moment that makes you an extra woman! It is what makes you a fantastic art piece filled with depth and colors of all the shapes the world can fathom. To this day, embrace the femininity that you possess.

Crystal Ermon

You can ignite your flame through the arts be it poetry, creative writing, dance, culinary, and all art forms. This brings out the energy that exists inside of your womb, and it’s creative and expressive.

This energy will move you into a place of comfort and peace.

Be sure to checkout Crystal Ermon’s book, “Master Your Energy.”
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