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The Unfound Generation by David Moore

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By: David “Wolfgar” Moore

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Source: The Unfound Generation | Wolfgar Words

Today, we’re sharing a brilliant poem about The Greatest Generation by David Moore of “Wolfgar Words.”

This will also be featured in the seventh issue of The Burgundy Zine along with another poem by Moore.

Words strung across pages of No Mans Land
like spilt intestines dragged through bloody time,

obscenely lit by flares of remembrance,
strobe like nightmares illuminating faces never seen.

Those wretches, unconcerned with poetry and prose
spat out their hauntings not caring they ever be read.

Such horror was their reality, now our fiction,
so full of hell they detached from it, regressing in utero.

How many last words “Mother” how many last skies black?
how thick with mud the bloodied track, how void then of scarlet petals

From misery came misery, from the art of war came art,
from roaring cannon came silent peace, and from hate came love.

But still from war comes war, as always will.

The Greatest Generation of Men remains Unfound.

© Wolfgar 2018

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