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To Those Left Behind by Fiona McHugh

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By: Fiona McHugh

Bee approaching a blue flower

Source: Bees 05 | Penelope Peru Photography

Poet Fiona McHugh shares with us, “To Those Left Behind,” along with three other deeply brilliant poems that will be featured in the July issue of The Burgundy Zine.

Please don’t stand by my grave and cry 
For I have sucked all the nectar out of life
Now that my soul has taken flight 
I promise you, I’ll be alright 

Lay down those flowers, and leave the stone 
I can assure you, you’re not alone 
When you accept the present and let emotions pass through 
I can promise, that and time will heal you 

Bask yourself in the light of peace
I swear, it’ll make it much easier for when you leave

What if we release attachment?
To all expectations and past habits?

I know you see this as rock bottom for you
Yet instead of climbing up, what if you break through? 

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