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Tune-In Tuesday #19: Thump by Gone Fishin’

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By: burgundy bug

Thump by Gone Fishin’ cover

Source: It’s out!!!… | Gone Fishin’

The indie alternative-rock band Gone Fishin’ released two fresh singles to kick this summer off on Friday.

A Bit of Context…

Gone Fishin’ are a Berkeley, Calif based group that draw inspiration from artists including The Strokes, Arcade Fire, and Brissey, according to band member Brennan Jung.

In addition to “Thump,” the singles released on May 17th, the band debuted their full length album “Too Much Honey” across major streaming platforms last year.


“‘Thump’ is the second release from the Berkeley-based indie band, Gone Fishin’,” Jung explained via email. “‘Thump’s’ two singles build off Gone Fishin’s previous album, ‘Too Much Honey.'”

“The band continues to tell their story through the feelings of a slow California summer and the hardships that come with growing up and finding their own path.”

Brennan Jung

Thump” begins with the track “Sunflower Shortcake,” a cool indie-rock single that smoothly intertwines itself with ska-esque elements.

“The first single, ‘Sunflower Shortcake,’ is an upbeat reflection on going away to college and the beginning of your early twenties. It details the loss of youth’s naivety and arrogance while asking for forgiveness from loved ones when there is a lapse of judgment and ignorance returns.”

Brennan Jung

“Sunflower Shortcake” is nostalgic. The vocals, lyricism, and guitar are reminiscent of The Strokes, but the horn transition that follows each chorus gives the song it’s own signature Gone Fishin’ flair.

“Well I used to just blaze my days away,

No sense of consequence,

All of it confidence,

Naturally, I talk some sense,

Got over my arrogance

Sunflower Shortcake | Gone Fishin’

With the second single, “Isabel,” the artists broadcast their plea while navigating the minefields of young love.

“The second single, ‘Isabel,’ is your classic ‘love is a game’ story. It details a young romance that blooms but eventually comes to an end. Fueled by jealousy, ‘Isabel’ captures how self-doubt eventually leads to heartbreak.”

Brennan Jung

“Isabel” is sweet and upbeat, despite it’s melancholy undertones. The drums and horn swiftly build up anticipation during each pre-chorus while the back-up vocals drive home the track’s breezy, summer aesthetic.


I can hear you crying through the telephone,

And I know,

I wish I wasn’t me breaking your heart,

But it’s just like me,

To get inside of my own head about the girl who doesn’t care,

‘Cause I’m not very tall, smoke too much weed

Isabel | Gone Fishin’

Bug’s Two Cents

I was immediately drawn to “Thump” by the style of the first track, “Sunflower Shortcake.” The grit of the single is redolent of mid-90’s alt-rock, and yet, Gone Fishin’ manages to make the style their own.

The drums across both tracks are nothing short of excellent. Lyrically, I’m a sucker for a song that tells a good story, and “Thump” does just that, putting you in shoes of the band as they spar with their newfound adulthood.

Thematically, these singles remind me very much of the summer before I began college. Like any other freshman, I spent the first month after receiving my acceptance letter sitting on my bedroom floor drawing comics while Weezer and Phoenix roared in the background.

I believe “Thump” was the perfect follow-up to Gone Fishin’s first album, “Too Much Honey,” and I absolutely can’t wait for what’s next from the group.

Be sure to tune in next Tuesday for a special interview with Gone Fishin’!

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