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Tune-In Tuesdays #15: Only Human by KEEF

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By: burgundy bug

Only Human cover

Source: KEEF

Only Human is the debut single of the UK-based indie musician KEEF, who we had the pleasure of featuring in an interview last Tuesday.

A Bit of Context…

KEEF said he’s been playing the guitar since he was about 18 years old during last week’s interview, and his experience as a musician was amplified by playing in bands throughout the years.

Now, he’s taken the liberty of going solo as a psychedelic-rock indie artist who writes and records his own work.

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Source: The Burgundy Zine

KEEF isn’t just breaking out onto the music scene with Only Human; he’s donating the proceeds to a charity that assists those who are homeless in the United Kingdom (UK).

“Every time you go to Liverpool, or Manchester, you walk around the city and you see [people living on the streets],” KEEF said. “You always feel guilty walking past [anyone who’s homeless], especially in the winter when it’s freezing, but you can’t help everyone.”

KEEF added that he believes donating the proceeds to the White Chapel Charity felt like the most effective approach to helping the cause.

“With every single, I think you’re a bit nervous because you don’t know whether people are gonna like it or understand it,” KEEF said. “I haven’t done a charity based single before, so obviously I want it to do quite well to raise a lot of money for the charity.”

Only Human

Music video for Only Human by KEEF

Source: KEEF – Only Human (2019) | KEEF

Only Human is a soft, beautiful, alternative dream-pop ballad with a melancholy tone reminiscent of The Smiths.

The music video highlights the significance of the lyrics, “Why can’t you see? / I’m only human” with various black and white clips taken throughout England.

On the track, KEEF does not pity or blame anyone for the issue of housing insecurity. Rather, he uses his lyrical abilities and the visual elements of the music video to get listeners to see these individuals are no different from you or I. They share our fear, our passion, our hopes and dreams.

Those affected by homelessness are entitled to the same liberties and quality of life as anybody else.

KEEF playing the guitar

Source: KEEF

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