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Tune-In Tuesdays #24: My Favorite Song by Thiago Muller

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By: burgundy bug

Diana Ebe and Thiago Muller

Photo courtesy of Ale Bomeny

Source: Highroad Publicity

“My Favorite Song” is the indie-folk artist Thiago Muller’s latest single that will quickly become your new favorite song.

A Bit of Context…

Born and raised in Brazil and currently based out of Los Angeles, Calif, Muller’s passion for music led him to start building is own discography, according to the artist’s Spotify profile.

Muller’s tracks are a heartfelt and original blend of folk and pop. His vocal abilities shine over acoustic guitar whether he’s singing in English or Portuguese, as he is in the track “Aguá Doce.”

My Favorite Song by Thiago Muller

Diana Ebe and Thiago Muller

Photo courtesy of Ale Bomeny

Source: Highroad Publicity

“‘My Favorite Song’ captures a picture, a moment of a very sweet love.

Sometimes we try so hard to love someone, but it should be simple and natural. This song is the perfect partner for the worst scenario and the tough times.”

Thiago Muller

“My Favorite Song” is sweet and gentle. Just one listen to the track embodies you in warmth as the chime-esque sound fx bounce playfully throughout the song like fireflies dancing through the sky on a summer night.

The romantic, sentimental track is a duet with the Swedish pop-artist, Diana Ebe. Their vocals compliment one another in a harmony that bares similarity to Of Monsters and Men’s 2012-hit, “Little Talks.”

Muller and Ebe’s talents are truly brought into the spotlight during the chorus of the song. As the instrumentals quiet down, the vocalists alternate between singing with one another in candid affection.

The instrumentals are cozy and folky, but not quite country. The overall sound is unique, yet vaguely familiar to an almost nostalgic extent. It is the perfect song for an afternoon picnic or laying under the stars with the one you love.

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