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Tune-In Tuesdays #27: Moment to Moment by Missing Words

By: burgundy bug

Moment to Moment by Missing Words cover

Source: Moment to Moment | Missing Words

Earlier this year, the synth-wave artist Missing Words released the music video for his deeply personal and electrifying track, “Moment to Moment.”

A Bit of Context…

Missing Words is a solo project started by Calif-based recording artist, James Meays, according to his biography on Bandcamp.

The artists biography encompasses a variety of bright, synth-wave releases such as “Memories,” and “Moment to Moment.”

Moment to Moment Music Video Review

Missing Words’ music video for “Moment to Moment”

Source: Missing Words – Moment To Moment (Official Video) | DYNMC Creative

The music video begins with a pan through Meays apartment, as he sleeps near polaroids of his love interest and thunder roars in the background.

A few seconds later, the track begins with poppy, punchy synth wave sound fx, spilling into Meays vocals.

“I close my eyes,
Embrace the fall,
Waves crash around me,
But I feel nothing at all.”

Moment to Moment by Missing Words

The video follows Meays as he makes his way through a stunning, woodsy environment, searching for the apple of his eye.

It’s cinematic, captivating, endearing, and reflective of the lyrics in which he promises he’ll change his ways and make things right for the girl.

“Moment to Moment” itself is dreamy, charged, and lively, despite the melancholy undertone to the lyricism. It has all the ingredients for a perfect, synth-wave single: build up, vocals that blend seamlessly, and a steady beat to dance to.

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