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Tune-In Tuesdays #31: REVOLUTE by Katey Brooks

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By: burgundy bug

“REVOLUTE” by Katey Brooks cover

Source: REVOLUTE | Katey Brooks

“REVOLUTE” is the powerful, soulful album in which singer-songwriter Katey Brooks finds herself and grows from a place of love and loss.

A Bit of Context…

Brooks was born in raised in a cult in Bristol, UK. Throughout her life, the artist said music was there for her and helped cope with the situation.

“It was a very chaotic upbringing, full of some pretty colourful and sometimes unsavoury, characters. But when I sang, I felt free and connected. For as long as I can remember, it’s been my way of getting what I need to say out.”

Katey Brooks

When Brooks was just 22 years old, her mother had fallen ill and passed. Shortly thereafter, Brooks lost her lifelong best friend, as well.

“Completing these tracks is not only the closure of a difficult chapter for me, but the exciting beginning of something new, with my freedom finally found.”

Katey Brooks

REVOLUTE by Katey Brooks

Never Gonna Let Her Go

The album kicks off with “Never Gonna Let Her Go,” a moving track that’s heavy with folk influences and a sassy, sultry sound.

Throughout the track, Brooks’ talent as a vocalist truly shines. Her lead vocals are deep, rich, and resonate with the listener, while the backup vocals provide light harmonies to uplift “Never Gonna Let Her Go.”

All of Me

“All of Me” is a confessional in which Brooks reflects upon the potential she saw in a relationship.

“I could’ve given all of me, all of me, all of me to your loving arms,” she repeats throughout the track.

Brooks takes her time with “All of Me,” dragging out notes and dancing around her harmonies. It’s a steady, calming, and beautifully entrancing song.

We the People

“We the People” is an empowering anthem and call to action in which she justifies the love she feels for a girl.

Brooks comes to terms with her sexuality and embraces her feelings whole-heartedly, ready to give “all of herself,” citing that even “God knows I love her so.”

Golden Gun

“Golden Gun” is yet another sultry, folky track in which Brooks rises from the rubble of a relationship that’s “come undone.” It’s honest, candid, and deep.

You can really feel Brooks’ emotion throughout “Golden Gun,” especially when she sings, “bang bang,” or “my golden gun” as the track comes to an end.

In Your Arms

“In Your Arms” feels much like a refreshing spin on the style of Adele. It’s Brooks admission of deeper feelings, diving into them head first; even if the person on the other end of those feelings never realizes just how deep they are.

Again, Brooks’ vocals shine and draw the listener in hypnotically.

The Sweetest Things

In “The Sweetest Things,” Brooks is torn between letting go or holding to “the sweetest things.” It’s a nostalgic, bittersweet, and introspective track that gives us a glimpse into what the singer-songwriter was going through while putting together the album and dealing with the loses in her life.

Burn It Down

As its name implies, “Burn It Down” is a fiery track that comes from a place of moving on, “burning down the house” that held her captive and seeking justice for what’s been taken from her.

Although Brooks is seeking closure and resolution with “Burn It Down,” it’s far from a bitter, vengeful anthem. Rather, it shows us just how much she’s grown from what she went through and that Brooks refuses to be a victim of circumstance.


“Jeremiah” flows at a slower pace, allowing Brooks to really build up to the highlights in each verse and every chorus.

Towards the middle of the song, Brooks’ vocals begin to really play off one another, making for some truly captivating harmonies.

Call Out

“Call Out” begins with elegant piano chords as Brooks’ voice trickles in. The melody sways with a certain air of melancholy, underlined by the steady piano beneath it all.

Although the track is simple structurally, it truly embodies the emotional intent behind “Call Out.”

In Light of You

Defined by dancy strings and soft harmonies that echo the lead vocals, “In Light of You” is sweet, sentimental, and downright charming.

Trouble so Hard

“Trouble so Hard” is a bluesy ballad that ties together the intensity, honesty, and genuinity of the entire album.

“Don’t nobody know my troubles but God.”

Katey Brooks

In Conclusion

“REVOLUTE” is a striking, unique album that seamlessly blends blues and folk elements with gospel-esque vocals and themes. The depth, strength, and eloquence that rises from within Brooks as an artist and as a person make for a truly moving collection.

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